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Department of Sport, Exercise, Recreation, and Kinesiology

College of Education

Sport Science and Coach Education

PURPOSE (Goals and Objectives): This master’s program is designed to produce individuals that understand and utilize evidence based practices in sport science and coaching. 

Specific objectives for the program are to:

  • Provide a background of knowledge of sport physiology that translates into quality coaching;
  • Advocate for using a scientific approach to address issues surrounding athletics performance;
  • Emphasize that a coach's primary responsibilities are for athletes' well-being and achievement, becoming the best that he or she can be;
  • Reorganize perceptions to understand that research is a part of coaching; and
  • Elevate the academic status of coaches in the educated community.

IMPACT:  This M.S. program impacts education and research for both sport scientists and coaches.   This program contributes to national interest and awareness of the need to academically educate sport scientists and coaches and to target athletic performance rather than participation.  This single refocus is expected to lower the incident of sport injuries and increase levels of performance achievement for athletes, thereby supporting sport through research and education. 

The master’s program is integrated with the ETSU Center of Excellence for Sport Science and Coach Education (CESSCE).  The students have the opportunity to be involved in clinics for coaches, continuing education programs, and activities that permeate the sports community, from the elite athlete to the grade-school child who participates in school or recreational sports.  Objectives of the CESSCE include improvement of athlete performance as well as how to better understand the role of sport and sport performance in the health and well being of the nation as a whole and the impact of disability, injury and disease on sport participation and performance.   The specialized research possibilities could easily yield findings that would impact quality of life of athletes and the general public.


The M.S. degree in Sport Science and Coach Education requires completion of 33 credits for the thesis option and 36 credits for the non-thesis option distributed as follows:

Curriculum Component                                           Hours

Major Field Core                                                         15

Concentration                                                             12

Electives (guided electives)                                        3-6 (thesis/non-thesis)

Other  (thesis, internship)                                            3

TOTAL:                                                                       33-36


Concentrations:  1) Strength and Conditioning and 2). Applied Sport Science.

The M.S. degree has two concentrations that each provides a uniqueness that helps add to the overall mission of improved levels of sport science and coach education regionally, nationally, and internationally. The Strength and Conditioning Concentration is offered exclusively online and caters to students who are working with or have a desire to work with competitive athletes at the high school, college, professional, and elite levels.  Students will gain an understanding of coaching issues, physiology of training and conditioning, and fatigue management.  The Applied Sport Science Concentration immerses students in the training environment as they work directly with highly trained athletes through the Olympic Training Site and ETSU Athletics as well as other local colleges and high schools. 


For more program information please see the ETSU Graduate Catalog:

Applied Sport Science

Strength and Conditioning


To apply please go to the School of Graduate Studies website:

ETSU School of graduate Studies



Applied Sport Science Coordinator:

Dr. Satoshi Mizuguchi
Department of Exercise and Sport Science
Box 70671
East Tennessee State University
Johnson City, TN, 37614-1701
Voice: (423) 439-5387
Fax: (423) 439-5383

Strength and Conditioning (online) Coordinator:

Dr. Caleb Bazyler
Department of Exercise and Sport Science
Box 70671
East Tennessee State University
Johnson City, TN, 37614-1701
Voice: (423) 439-4733
Fax: (423) 439-5383


Various forms of financial assistance are available through the Office of Financial Aid. In addition, Graduate Assistantships and Tuition Scholarships are available in the Department of Exercise and Sport Science (EXSS) which includes research assistants with EXSS Faculty, and various other duties. Other opportunities may be available in campus recreation, intercollegiate athletics, student activities, and other campus areas. Application materials for Graduate Assistantship and Tuition Scholarship positions may be obtained from the Program Coordinator.

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