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Office of the Dean

Quillen College of Medicine

Committee on Gender and Special Issues

James H. Quillen College of Medicine

Gender and Special Issues Committee



Barbara Kimbrough, MD Surgery 6/30/2013 Chair
Ramsey McGowen, PhD Psychiatry 6/30/2013 Immediate past chair
Michelle Duffourc, PhD Biomedical Sciences 6/30/2013 voting
Theresa Harrison, PhD Biomedical Sciences 6/30/2015 voting
Sherri Holmes, MD Obstetrics and Gynecology 6/30/2013 voting
David Johnson, PhD Biomedical Sciences 6/30/2015 voting
Fereshteh Gerayli, MD Family Medicine 6/30/2015 voting
Marcela Popescu, MD
Pediatrics 6/30/2014 voting
Martha Bird, MD Psychiatry 6/30/2015 voting
Theresa Lura, MD Assistant Dean, Section of Medical Education
6/30/2013 Advisory
Pat Myrick CME 6/30/2014 voting
Catherine Shuttle GME 6/30/2013 voting
Nakia Carter Woodward, MSIS Learning Resources 6/30/2014 voting
Laura Daniel Graduate Student 6/30/2013 voting   
Jenny Rose, MD  PGY2
Resident - Pediatrics 6/30/2013 voting   
Philip Milam, MS2 AAMC - OSR Representative ex officio voting
President - AMWA ex officio voting
Jacy Gentry, MS3 President, SWIM ex officio voting
Ashley Blevins, MS4 President, OGIG
ex officio voting
Dorothy Dobbins, PhD Assoc VP for Cultural Diversity ex officio voting
Tom Kwasigroch, PhD Associate Dean for Student Affairs ex officio voting
Patricia Sheets, ScD Coordinator, Office of Equity and Diversity support voting
Lisa Bare Dean's Office support non-voting



The purpose of the committee on gender and special issues is to serve as a resource in the college of medicine for issues concerning women's and gender issues, and, as such, will:

  1. act in an advisory capacity to the dean and to the assistant dean of women in medicine;

  2. act as a forum to discuss matters pertaining to women's and gender issues within the college of medicine in the areas of administration; medical student, graduate student, and medical resident education; service; departmental needs; and other relevant areas;

  3. propose policies pertinent to women's / gender issues;

  4. assist the office of women in medicine in coordinating and planning personal and professional development programs based on needs assessment;

  5. provide administrative continuity to the student women in medicine organization;

  6. recommend strategies to improve instruction and learning regarding women's health issues in the college of medicine;

  7. stimulate collaboration and networking among the women faculty; and

  8. assist in the recruitment of women to the college of medicine faculty.


1 chair who is a full-time faculty member
3 faculty members from basic science departments
3 faculty members from clinical science departments
1 administrative staff or medical library representative
1 community practicing physician
1 medical resident
1 graduate student
1 medical student
1 assistant dean of women in medicine, ex officio, non-voting
1 president of student women in medicine organization, ex officio, voting
1 president of women health student interest group, ex officio, voting
1 organization of student representatives to AAMC (OSR), ex officio, voting
1 student affairs representative, ex officio, voting
1 cultural diversity office representative, ex officio, voting
1 continuing medical education (CME) program coordinator for the annual  women's health conference, ex officio, voting
1 secretary to the assistant dean of women in medicine, staff support



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