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Quillen College of Medicine Admissions

Student Affairs

Adam Chan

Adam Chan

Program Doctor of Medicine (MD)

Hometown Memphis, TN

Undergraduate School and Major Emory University, Neuroscience & Behavioral Biology

Specialty / Career Plans Pediatric Neurology or Pediatric Endocrinology

Extracurricular Activities Cooking, Tennis, Outdoor recreation, Committee Supporting Student Health (CSSH), Minorities and Allies in Medicine (MAM), Diversity & Inclusion Council, Neurological Sciences Interest Group (NSIG), ETSU International Buccaneer Buddies

Marital Status Engaged

Adam Chan

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Why Quillen
If you asked a bunch of my colleagues for their reason for choosing Quillen for their medical education, a common denominator - as for me too - would be community. Everything from the small class size, student organizations, classmates, and the enveloping Tri-Cities points to this common theme. I also wanted an education in which I could foster strong friendships, enjoy a healthy lifestyle, and have a supportive educational environment. P.S. We also have the cheapest medical school tuition in the state! 

Being a Quillen Student
Quillen does a good job attracting many non-traditional students into each class. This has helped me diversify my medical education through interactions with people of different walks of life. Being a medical student is certainly stressful, but I believe that Quillen strives to alleviate this by fostering a supportive learning environment. Generally this translates into the absence of unhealthy competitive situations, promotion of medical student well-being, and also encouraging student feedback for curriculum and student life.

Living in Northeast Tennessee and Life Outside of Classroom
I’ve lived in Memphis, Atlanta, and Nashville, and yet moving to Johnson City has been a departure from expectations from Southeastern cities. Generally, I’ve associated larger cities with bustle, diversity, and access. But the charm of the Northeast TN region is that almost all of my big city wants such as shopping, diverse restaurant choices, and community activities are available without its hassle and traffic. However, the downside of living here is that travel from a regional airport can be inconvenient. If you enjoy a good pint, local craft breweries from the Tri- Cities, Asheville, NC, and Virginia offer wonderful selections. The region is also known for its natural beauty and I have taken advantage of it by hiking and camping to places such as Cherokee National Forest, Laurel Falls, Buffalo Mountain, and some Appalachian trails in my free time.

Words of Wisdom
If you didn’t know, “stressed” backwards is desserts. I believe that you have to put work in to get the reward. But also know that just as too many sweets are unhealthy, so too is stress. Be sure to take care of yourself whether you’re applying to medical school or going through the medical school grind.



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