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Quillen College of Medicine Admissions

Student Affairs

Lawrence Parawan

Lawrence Parawan

Program: M.D.

Hometown: Bell Buckle, TN

Undergraduate School and Major: University of Memphis, B.A. Political Science

Specialty / Career Plans: Family Medicine/Emergency Medicine

Extracurricular Activities: Organization of Student Representatives, Family Medicine Interest Group, PR Committee, Quillen High School Outreach, Minorities and Allies in Medicine

Marital Status: Single


Lawrence Parawan

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Why Quillen
I chose Quillen because after I toured and met some of the upperclassmen and faculty, I really could envision myself as a student here. You’ll see it referred to many times on this site and from other students, but Quillen really does go out of its way to foster a sense of family. With a smaller class size, faculty and staff know each of us by name and we really get to form meaningful connections during our education. Quillen is probably one of the few schools where you can be greeted by name by practically everyone you bump into from Deans and Department Chairs to Custodians and Coffee Shop Cashiers. I was initially hesitant to go to school in a small city, but to date I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how much there is to do both here in the Tri-Cities and just within reach, from weekend trips to Ikea, Comic Conventions, late night bakery runs, my first time hitting the slopes, and of course tons of hiking.

Life Outside the Classroom
Outside of the classroom I am an aspiring cook and food blogger. I am fascinated by all things related to Space Exploration so if you want to talk about the economies of scale generated by SpaceX I’m your guy. I’m also eagerly awaiting the final season of Game of Thrones!

Living in Northeast Tennessee
Northeast Tennessee is a very warm and welcoming place, but depending on where you may be coming from it may seem a little slow to you. Regardless, this is a great community to live in while learning. Living in a smaller city has a lot of benefits that I didn’t realize I wanted until I moved here. Cost of living is so much lower than other areas where I have lived, and short commuting time means you can spend a few more precious minutes in bed before going to class, which is a really great perk.

Prior Life
Prior to medical school, I spent my gap year working in a community health clinic in Memphis as a healthcare administrator and scribe. I think my experiences in working with the underserved and alongside others who have found their vocation in serving the underserved really helped to shape my outlook and aspirations toward medicine.

Words of Wisdom
Medical school is a demanding beast for good reason, but that doesn’t mean that it should take over your life. We all have the same 24 hours in a day and it’s important that we learn to set aside time for whatever is important to us. Whether it’s making time for self-care, calling loved ones, or just setting aside time to cook for yourself be sure to find a way to make time to do the things you enjoy.

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