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Dental Hygiene Online Degree Completion Program

Bachelor's of Science in Dental Hygiene


Dental Hygiene Online Degree Completion Program

2019-2020 Curriculum

Dental Hygiene

DHYG 3100 - Contemporary Dental Hygiene Theory

Provides licensed dental hygienists the opportunity to evaluate current dental hygiene therapies and interpret them for application in dental hygiene practice. Offered every fall and spring.

DHYG 3200 - Issues in Dental Hygiene

A study of dental and dental hygiene practice setting, legal and ethical issues, methods of procuring employment, compensation mechanisms and types of insurance. Offered every summer.

DHYG 4010 - Teaching Strategies for Allied Health Professionals

A study of the basic principles of developing and implementing classroom presentations. Emphasis will be placed on the basics of the educational process, and will lead to the development of a dental health lesson plan for the dental hygienist. Writing and Oral Intensive. Offered every fall.

DHYG 4020 - Dental Hygiene Clinical Seminar III

Utilization of current technology to research selected dental hygiene topics and prepare multimedia presentations.  Technology Intensive. Offered every fall.

DHYG 4030 - Pain Management

Explores current methods of pain management in dental hygiene practice. Offered every spring.

DHYG 4110 - Supportive Periodontal Therapy

A study of periodontal therapies including adjunctive and maintenance procedures. Offered every summer.

DHYG 4120 - Dental Hygiene Clinical Seminar IV

Methods used in biostatistical research will be reviewed in an effort to assist the dental hygiene students in the construction of instruments which collect valid and reliable data. Critically explores current research studies. Writing Intensive. Offered every spring.

DHYG 4130 - Geriatric Dental Hygiene

An introduction to the special considerations of the segment of the geriatric population confined to long-term care facilities.  Dental health education strategies will be incorporated to assist students' design and presentation of in-services to nursing home staff.  Oral Intensive. Offered every spring.

DHYG 4141 - Community and Rural Dental Health

Using the information gained in the Associate Degree Community Dental Health class, students will assess, plan, implement and evaluate a public dental health project of their choice, with approval and guidance from the instructor. Offered every spring. 

Progression Policy

All students MUST complete DHYG 3100 before progressing in the program. Students who have not completed DHYG 3100 cannot register for any other DHYG classes. Students may take general education core classes while working to complete an grade of Incomplete for DHYG 3100, but may not register for any dental hygiene courses until they have a passing grade for DHYG 3100. Additionally, two final grades of D or one F in dental hygiene courses will result in being dismissed from the program.

Successful completion of DHYG 3100 will allow transfer for associate degree dental hygiene coursework as 45 hours of lower division credit and 16 hours of upper division credit. Thus, the total hours for the program is as follows: general education core = 41; actual online dental hygiene courses = 18; upper division transfer hours = 16; lower division transfer credit hours = 45; Total = 120 credit hours. Students may transfer in general education course credit, as well as upper divisions hours. However, a total of 30 hours of instruction must be completed at ETSU. 

Additionally, students must show proficiency in using information technology by taking CSCI 1100 which is a 3 hour course or by passing the proficiency exam.

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