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Radiologic Science Online Completion Program

Department of Allied Health Sciences


For more Information
about the program, admissions, tuition, or financial aid and for transcript evaluations contact:

Ruthie Canter
Phone: (423)-439-5051


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BS Radiologic Science Online StudentRadiologic Science Online Student

The online Radiologic Science Completion Program is designed to offer students with an A.S./A.A.S. degree in Radiography the opportunity to obtain a baccalaureate degree by using their A.S./A.A.S. credit hours. 

Our graduates are equipped with entry-level management, group dynamics, and supervisory skills as they relate to the allied health disciplines. Successful completion of this program will increase graduates' mobility into leadership positions in their respective professions.

 Most four-year universities do not allow a majority of allied health credit hour transfers from community colleges, but we are not like most universities. ETSU gives A.S./A.A.S. graduates the opportunity to transfer allied health professional course credit hours from a community college.

Upon completion of ALHE 3010 and ALHE 4070 (which should be taken in the first semester at ETSU), ETSU will award 47 bridge credit hours. 

Admissions Requirements

Students seeking admission to the Radiography completion program must meet the following criteria:

  1. College GPA of 2.5 or better on a 4.0 scale on all transferable credit;

  2. Transcript(s) - proof of graduation from an accredited allied health professional program;

  3. Licensed or eligible for professional licensure in the discipline.

Completion/Graduation Requirements

  1.  30 semester credit hours (10 courses) must be completed through ETSU:

    • ALHE 3010 - Allied Health Professionals (enroll 1st semester)***
    • ALHE 4070 - Leadership in Allied Health (enroll 1st semester)***
    • ALHE 4060 - Research in Allied Health
    • ALHE 3040 - Interprofessional Allied Health Teams
    • ALHE 4100 - Information Management for Allied Health
    • RADT 4020 - Clinical Education V
    • RADT 4030 - Radiographic Pathology
    • RADT 4060 - Digital Imaging in Radiologic Technology
    • General Education Requirement (6 Credits)

  2. General Education Courses  - may be completed through ETSU, a community college, or any 4 year regionally accredited college or university

  3. Additional Science Requirements (please consult with your advisor to ensure courses taken transfer into ETSU):
    Anatomy & Physiology (8 credit hours)-satisfies gen. ed. science requirement
    Chemistry w/ lab (4 credit hours)
    Microbiology w/ lab (4 credit hours)

  4. A total of 120 semester credit hours completed (of which 50 must be completed at a senior level institution).

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In-state students pay the online undergraduate rate. Out-of-state students pay the undergraduate e-rate.

Current tuition and fees. 

Interested in the program?

Contact Ruthie Canter by or by phone at 423-439-5051 for advisement and transcript evaluation. Students may either  unofficial copies of transcripts or fax them with a cover sheet to 423-543-0549. Periodic advising and re-evaluation of transcripts is strongly recommended. 

Registration is determined by earned credit hours.
Online classes fill quickly, so register as soon as eligible and after consulting with your advisor.

To request a permit for an ALHE course and/or course substitutions, Ms. Benincasa or call 423-439-5052. Permits for courses outside the Department of Allied Health Sciences are issued by the department offering the course.

TN eCampus courses used as substitutes may require an on-site proctor for testing. Contact the Testing Center at 423-439-6708 for specific information. 






100% online
"I was able to complete my Bachelors degree quickly, affordably, and conveniently. I never thought it would be possible but ETSU's program made it possible. Thank You!"

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"One of the important aspects of the program for me was the flexible scheduling. I had a full-time job and family. The program fit my needs very well."


"The #1 thing about this program for me was that it was 100% online. I couldn't have done it otherwise. I was very pleased with my online statistics professor. She went above and beyond to help me succeed!"

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"For me, the ability to take only online classes was very important. Everyone in
the program was very helpful and whenever I had any questions the professors answered them quickly."

"This is quality teaching. I just finished the online program and have already recommended it to
my co-workers."

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"The instructors and staff within the program are very supportive and helpfuI and clearly answered all of my questions."


flexible scheduling

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