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Master of Science in Allied Health

College of Clinical and Rehabilitative Health Sciences


Students must be formally admitted to both ETSU and the Master of Science in Allied Health Program prior to registering for classes. Registration is done through Goldlink.

Courses are tentatively available during the semester(s) as indicated below (F=fall, S=Spring, Su=Summer)

Allied Health Major Field Core

ALHE 5000 - Information Technology in Allied Health Sciences (F,S) (1 credit)

ALHE 5100 - Interdisciplinary Health Care Teams (Su) (2 credits)

ALHE 5200 - Assessment, Planning, and Evaluation (F) (3 credits)

ALHE 5050 - Legal and Ethical Issues in Allied Health (F) (3 credits)

ALHE 5070 - Leadership Theory for Health Care Delivery (F) (3 credits)

ALHE 5150 - Population Health Issues for the Allied Health Professional (S) (3 credits)

ALHE 5500 - Methods of Research in Allied Health (F,S) (3 credits)

Total Credit Hours = 18


Guided Electives

ALHE 5010 - Clinical Teaching Strategies (S) (3 credits)

ALHE 5060 - Allied Health Curriculum Design (F) (3 credits)

ALHE 5300 - Administration at the Department Level (S) (3 credits)

ALHE 5700 - Strategic Initiatives for Allied Health (S) (3 credits)

BSTA 5310 - Biostatistics I (F,S) (3 credits)

EPID 5400 - Epidemiology I (F,S,Su) (3 credits)

HSMP 5550 - Human Resource Management in Health Organizations(F) (3 credits) 

COBH 5900 - Grant and Proposal Development* (Su) (3 credits)

Total Credit Hours = 24

*Not an on-line course

Thesis or Non-Thesis Option

ALHE 5800 - Advanced Practice Seminar in ALHE (3 - 6 credits)

ALHE 5960 - Thesis (3 - 6 credits)

Total Credit Hours = 6 to 12


The advanced practice seminar option is designed as a culminating clinical experience to provide an alternative to the thesis option. Students will be required to present an advanced practice plan and identify a clinical preceptor prior to beginning their project. Advanced practice seminars include a minimum of 120 clock hours of clinical practice per three hour course in the approved area. Upon completion of the experience, the student will be required to provide a written evaluation of the project. Additionally, the student will be required to perform an oral defense of findings to his/her committee.

The thesis option constitutes a significant part of the work toward a master's degree. The thesis must represent a high standard of scholarly inquiry, methodology, techniques, statistics, and literature review. Candidates for degrees are required to present findings to their graduate committee in the form of an oral defense.

Students must meet the department retention requirements and additional requirements as stated in the ETSU Graduate Catalog.

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