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Department of Allied Health Sciences

How to Apply

Admission Requirements

All applicants must first apply and be admitted to the university.  This admittance, however, does not assure acceptance to the Nutrition and Dietetics Program.  Applications for the university must be completed on-line.

During the spring semester of the sophomore year, students must apply for admission to the Nutrition and Dietetics program.  The application must be received by March 1 for consideration by the admissions committee.  Application forms may be found below or are available from an advisor in the Deans office or the Nutrition and Dietetics offices in Hutcheson Hall.

Requirements for consideration of an applicant are as follows:

  1. Acceptance to ETSU
  2. College transcripts
  3. Completed Nutrition and Dietetics application form
  4. Personal interviews with members of the Nutrition and Dietetics Admissions Committee (if application is considered for an interview).


The program must receive all information by March 1.  Upon receipt of this information, the Admissions Chair will review all aspects of the applicants record to determine if the applicant will be considered for an interview.  Entry into the B.S. program for Nutrition and Dietetics and its Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) requires completion of the following courses with a minimum grade of C or better in each course within the first two attempts:        

MATH 1530  Probability and Statistics
NTFD 1010 Introductory Nutrition

NTFD 2420  Principles of Nutrition Science             
CHEM 1110/11  General Chemistry I/Lab        
CHEM 1120/21  General Chemistry II/Lab        
HSCI 2010/11  Anatomy and Physiology I/Lab        
HSCI 2020/21  Anatomy and Physiology II/Lab

One cohort group is admitted each year for the fall semester.  Students are required to attend four consecutive semesters to complete the Nutrition and Dietetics curriculum.  Admission is determined by the Nutrition and Dietetics Admissions Committee.  Each applicant is evaluated on the basis of academic preparation and record.

Honors-in-Discipline in Nutrition

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