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Doctor of Audiology Program

Department of Audiology & Speech Pathology

Listening Self-Efficacy Questionnaire (LSEQ)

The LSEQ measures an individual's listening self-efficacy, or the confidence individuals have in their
abilities to understanding speech in a variety of listening situations. The LSEQ can be administered
to older adults pre- and/or post-audiologic rehabilitation. The following documents may be useful
when using the LSEQ in clinical and research applications: 

These forms are not available at this time

  • Instructions
  • Blank pen-and-paper LSEQ form (unaided/pre-intervention)
  • Blank pen-and-paper LSEQ form ("aided"/post-intervention)
  • Scoring template

When citing the LSEQ for publications or presentations, please use the following citation:

Smith, S. L., Pichora-Fuller, M. K., Watts, K. W., & La More, C. (2011). Development of the Listening Self-Efficacy Questionnaire (LSEQ). International Journal of Audiology, 50, 417- 425. PMID: 21470067

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