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Diversity Educators

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Meet our Educators


Our Educators


Nathan Farnor
(Political Science/Comm.Studies)

“I believe that diversity is around us every day. We have a choice to ignore it or embrace it. I want to share with others how rewarding it is to embrace and to understand diversity…”


Lexy Barnes
(Mass Communication)

“I would love to learn more about different cultures and take what I learn as a diversity educator into the real world/adulthood.No matter the differences between people, their voices and ideas should be valued.”


Jordan Hensley
(Mass Communication: Journalism)

“I have always had a passion for social justice. I feel like I’ve always stood out among my peers for not being afraid to promote tolerance and love toward the people that many choose to disrespect and even hate.”


Drew Leach

“Here at ETSU we are proud that our school is extremely diverse and that everyone demonstrates respect. I am a very energetic person and very excited about becoming a Diversity Educator. I want people to learn and hopefully make a huge impact on them.”


Thomas Stovall
(Microbiology-Health Sciences)

“Diversity is a pertinent topic that should be discussed in every setting. Placing emphasis on diversity will provide a new perspective for students in understanding the privileges and disadvantages that seemingly go unnoticed.”


Justin McClinton
(Geospatial sciences/Sociology)

“I wish to be a Diversity Educator because I believe diversity is one of the most important things that someone should be comfortable with and be proud of. No one should feel that their opinions, beliefs, or physical appearances are inferior to someone else’s.”


Mahon Mahmodian

“One of the most important methods to relieve people of ignorance and prejudice associated to race, gender, orientation, or religion is to provide insight to educate those that have not had the ability to learn more about diversity in society.”

Legend Scalf
(Sociology and Anthropology)

“I believe that being a part of Diversity Educators will help me become more enlightened and aware of those around me. I consider awareness to not only be beneficial to me but to those around me as well and to society as a whole.”


Alisha Caruthers
(Early Childhood Education)

“I would like to be a Diversity Educator because I have a passion for learning about other cultures and people, and also sharing with others about my culture and experiences.”


Maria Avila

“I believe we do not always realize how many cultures we are surrounded by and thus we do not take advantage of this to increase our knowledge or help others increase theirs. I’d like to be someone that realizes this opportunity of sharing knowledge…”

BriAnna Taylor
(Business Marketing)

“Being a Diversity Educator would allow me to broaden my horizon. I want to be able to leave a mark on this world and during my time here at ETSU. I have always been a diverse and open-minded person and I want to be able to share my views in an informative manner without judgment.”


Kelsey Long

“I wish to serve as a Diversity Educator because I want to create awareness and appreciation for diverse characteristics that people possess on campus and in society. I can contribute communication skills, organization skills, and the desire to spread knowledge to people that are unaware…”


Kaitlin Long

“I want to spread knowledge of diversity to students at ETSU and where I live. It is important to understand where many people come from, and their backgrounds. I respect their differences, even if they are different than mine.”

Elizabeth Kwenda

Elizabeth Kwenda

“I desire to be an advocate for change and acceptance on ETSU’s campus. By becoming a Diversity Educator, I will be able to not only educate others on diversity, but I will have the power to start powerful dialogue which I believe has the ability to change minds and influence others.”


Destiny Brown
(Social Work)

“I was blessed enough to have a family who taught me to be proud of all my ‘intersectionalities’ and to embrace them. We are all one race and that’s the human race, and no one should use your uniqueness to define you as a person.”


Doretha Benn
(Political Science)

“The statement ‘Diversity of people and thought is respected’ means more than people might know. To me, this means that here at ETSU we may not all agree on all subjects, but we respect the different views and people.”


Paul Cast
(Digital Media)

“I wish to serve as a Diversity Educator because I am very interested in Diversity. I’ve always been passionate about a person’s culture, background, and beliefs.


Rikesh Patel
(Public Health)

“I wish to be a Diversity Educator so that I can inform the student body of diversity on our campus, from everything from different ethnicities to different economic statuses.”


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