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Radiation Safety

Environmental Health and Safety

Safe Handling
  • Designate an area for using radionuclides and clearly label all radioactive containers with “ Caution Radioactive Material ” signs.
  • Wear lab coats, gloves, and safety glasses when working with radioactivity.
  • Increase your distance (e.g., forceps with rubber sleeves) when handling unshielded stock solutions with high-energy beta or gamma emitting nuclides.
  • Perform a “dry” run whenever you plan to do a new procedure.
  • Control potential contamination by covering work areas with absorbent paper, use drip trays, and frequently survey & clean your work area.
  • Survey your hands frequently during and at the end of procedures involving the use of radioactivity. Survey your work at the completion of your work and document that survey.
  • Mouth pipetting, eating and drinking and applying cosmetics are prohibited in radionuclide labs.
  • If you think you have ingested or inhaled any radioactive material, contact the RSO immediately.
  • Use a fume hood to perform all potentially volatile procedures.
  • Dispose of radioactive waste when generated.
  • Do not work over open radioactive containers. Utilize time, distance and shielding.

For additional information contact the Radiation Safety Program at 439-6056.

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