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Radiation Safety

Environmental Health and Safety

Ordering Isotopes


The Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) is responsible for assuring that the types; forms and quantities of radioactive materials possessed at any one time do not exceed those authorized on the radioactive material license. He/she is also responsible to ensure that the radioactive materials will be used following an approved procedure and under the supervision of a Responsible User.

The RSO discharges these responsibilities, in part, by the review and the approval or denial of requests to purchase radioactive materials. All purchase orders for radioactive materials are routed through the Radiation Safety Office for approval.

The RSO reviews each purchase order to determine if:

  1. ETSU is licensed for the type of radioactive material requested.
  2. The form of radioactive material is acceptable under the license.
  3. The activity, when added to the inventory already on campus, won't exceed licensed possession limits.
  4. The investigator is a licensed user or is working under the supervision of a licensed user.

Purchase Order (PO): 
The Responsible User or designee initiates a purchase order for a radioisotope in accordance with ETSU purchasing procedures. The purchase order should clearly indicate:

  • the radioisotope, (H-3, C-14, etc.);
  • its total activity, (μCi or mCi);
  • its chemical and physical form, (e.g., as polyphosphate in aqueous solution);
  • the licensed user under whose supervision it will be used. Failure to provide the needed information may cause delay in the approval and purchase of the radioisotope.

Routing the PO: 
The purchase order should be routed through the Radiation Safety Office for review.

RSO Review: 
The RSO determines if:

  1. The radioisotope requested is permitted under the ETSU Radioactive Materials License;
  2. When added to existing inventory, the requested activity won't exceed allowable licensed inventory for that radioisotope;
  3. The radioisotope will be used by a licensed user or under a licensed user's direct supervision; and
  4. An existing, approved protocol covers the intended use

The RSO will approve the purchase order if it is acceptable under the radioactive materials license. If a purchase order is unacceptable, it is returned to the requestor.

The Radiation Safety Office retains approved purchase orders.

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