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East Tennessee State University



January 14, 2014

ETSU anticipates February opening date for new parking garage

The new student parking garage at East Tennessee State University will likely open in early or mid-February, officials announced today.
The university had hoped to have the garage open by the start of the spring 2014 semester, which takes place Thursday, Jan. 16, but weather conditions have again pushed the opening date back a few more weeks.

"The weather continues not to cooperate," said Dr. David Collins, ETSU vice president for Finance and Administration. "Everyone is working as diligently as possible to bring this project to completion, but the weather remains the main factor in determining the timeline during these final stages."

Collins said weather has delayed the pouring of concrete for sidewalks on the south and east sides of the facility and the pouring of asphalt at the east and west entrances. In addition, communication cables for emergency phones and security cameras also cannot be installed when temperatures are below freezing. ETSU intends to install approximately 20 security cameras and more than 12 emergency phones inside the garage.

Offices and food service operations set to be housed within the parking garage will achieve occupancy later in the semester.

ETSU broke ground on the 425,000-square-foot facility in August 2012. Once completed, it will provide over 1,200 spaces. The majority of the funding for the $26.1 million facility comes from student fees.

Despite the delay in the opening of the garage, Collins said adequate parking should be available for students this semester.


November 15, 2013

Please be advised that the right-hand east-bound lane of State of Franklin will be closed between Jack Vest Drive and John Robert Bell Drive starting Tuesday, November 19, 2013 and re-opening December 6, 2013. This is for the purpose of constructing the turning lane into the new parking garage at John Robert Bell Drive. This work is largely weather-dependent and we will keep you informed of any delays.


August 23, 2013

We want to take this opportunity to provide a final update regarding construction activities on campus as well as providing information regarding parking. 
  • The first few weeks are always challenging for faculty, staff and students to find parking on campus.  We are pleased to announce that plans that were sent out last Sunday have all come to fruition as the weather has finally cooperated.

  • The new Jack Vest Drive that crosses the campus from State of Franklin to J. L. Seehorn is now open for traffic.  Please be aware that this road has the right of way across campus.  North Dossett Drive now ends at a stop sign at the intersection with Jack Vest.  There is also a new traffic circle where Jack Vest intersects with Go Bucs Trail (formerly Jack Vest).  In accordance with state law, circle traffic has the right of way with all entrances to the circle being required to yield.  Please be careful in these areas as they are new traffic patterns.

  • The new Lot 21 is now open behind Warf Pickel Hall .  The half of the lot directly behind Warf Pickel is designated as faculty staff with the remainder designated for student.  While the weather has delayed the opening of the parking garage until mid-October, sufficient parking will still be available in Lot 22.  Due to the large amount of traffic that occurs the first few days with the inevitable congestion, we encourage all students to avoid the center of campus and go directly to outlying lots such as lot 22 as well as Lot 9 on the east side of campus.

  • You may wish to consider overflow parking that will be available at the Baseball Stadium on University Parkway or the overflow lots at Buc Ridge off of Southwest Avenue.  All lots are served by the BucShot shuttles to get you to the main campus quickly.

  • For your safety, we encourage students who park in Lot 22 to use the safe walking paths as opposed to crossing busy parking lots.  Please refer to this website for the latest information as well as links to parking maps and the Johnson City Transit page for shuttle maps and times. 

  • Finally, the new campus commons area located in the quad between Brooks, Sam Wilson, Campus Center and Ball Hall as well as all entrances that have been closed during the summer will be open on Monday.  Please be careful in this area as there will still be landscaping activities continuing for the next couple of weeks to complete this new, unique addition to the campus.
We want to thank all of you who have been on campus this summer for your patience during this construction activity and welcoming those of you who are new or who have been away and are seeing the changes for the first time.  We wish all of you a successful and safe year.

August 19, 2013

With thousands of students and faculty expected to return to campus in the coming days, we are providing an update on the status of parking and roads as construction of the student parking garage continues.
North Dossett Drive, which runs between Warf-Pickel Hall and Lucille Clement Hall, will be open to motorists on Thursday, Aug. 22, as freshmen arrive for move-in day.
The new Jack Vest Drive, which now crosses from State of Franklin Road to J.L. Seehorn Drive, opens on Friday, Aug. 23, as does Go Bucs Trail (formerly Jack Vest Drive), which runs parallel to State of Franklin Road behind Earth Fare.
In addition, lot 21, which is the new lot behind Warf-Pickel Hall, opens the same day and will provide parking for students, faculty and staff.
With the majority of classes beginning on Monday, Aug. 26, Dr. David Collins, ETSU Vice President for Finance and Administration, encourages students to arrive on campus early and allow additional time for parking. In addition, Dr. Collins suggests to continuously check this website for the latest updates. The BUCSHOT Shuttle service will run from lot 22A as well as all other student parking areas. Lot 22A sits on the corner of Greenwood Drive and Go Bucs Trail behind Earth Fare.
Overflow parking is available at Thomas Stadium (baseball) on University Parkway and at BucVillage behind campus off Southwest Avenue. Shuttle services can be accessed in these areas, as well.

The student parking garage will provide more than 1,200 additional spaces and is expected to be completed by mid-October.

August 8, 2013 

At the beginning of the fall semester, a safe walking path will be available for those parked in Lot #22. It is along the intramural fields, with entrances at the soccer stadium and at the end of the intramural fields. During the first two weeks of the fall semester, we will have additional personnel directing pedestrians to the safe walking path. Please see this map for information. 

August 1, 2013

New street addresses have been established and are now in effect. Please see this document for detailed information about the ETSU Main Campus Addressing project and for the updated street addresses.

807 University Parkway address will no longer be used beginning August 1, 2013. 

July 12, 2013

Parking Lot 12 will be closed for maintenance for a week, beginning on Sunday, July 14, 2013. 

May 21, 2013

Main entry to campus will be closed to vehicular traffic until August 19, 2013.

May 14, 2013

On May 15, and 16 a section of the road and parking area along Campus Drive will be temporary shutdown so that Atmos Energy can install natural gas. 

May 7, 2013

A number of roads on the East Tennessee State University campus will be temporarily closed for the next several weeks as two major construction projects continue. On Tuesday, May 14, John Robert Bell Drive will be closed from the intersection at State of Franklin Road to the north end of Warf-Pickel Hall, which houses the Claudius G. Clemmer College of Education. Also closing will be Jack Vest Drive from the intersection of State of Franklin Road across from the entrance to the VA Medical Center campus to the intersection with North Dossett Drive. This closure includes all parking in Lot 21.

These roads will be closed until Aug. 19 as construction of the new student parking garage is completed and roads are relocated. During this time, the west end of the ETSU campus will only be accessible from J.L. Seehorn Drive. Persons needing to park in Lot 22A will need to enter that area from Greenwood Drive.

John Robert Bell Drive will remain closed permanently to create a pedestrian walkway for students using the new parking garage as well as other parking on the west side of campus.

ETSU officials encourage students and visitors to park on the east and south sides of campus during the summer semesters. The new $26.1 million student parking garage is expected to open at the beginning of the fall 2013 semester and will provide 1,224 new parking spaces.

The central portion of campus that will become home to a new green space will also be closed to pedestrians beginning May 14. In addition to the construction of the green space, entrances to Sam Wilson Hall, Brooks Gymnasium and Ball Hall will be rebuilt. This will be an active construction zone and noise from heavy equipment will occur throughout the day.

The quad will also remain closed until Aug. 19.Parking Garage


April 30, 2013

There will be several changes in the traffic flow during the summer 2013 semester due to construction. Please see the map for information. Thank you for your patience.


February 19, 2013

One lane of John Robert Bell Drive will be closed from Wednesday, February 20 through Friday, February 22 for the contractor to backfill the parking garage retaining wall. This will only include the portion of John Robert Bell Drive from North Dossett to State of Franklin Drive. The road will be one lane from approximately 9 am to 4:30 pm each day. The contractor will attempt to maintain two way traffic the remainder of the time.


February 14, 2013

The contractor plans to start delivery and installation of the precast concrete for the parking garage on Monday, February 18. The duration of deliveries will last approximately twelve weeks. The trucks will deliver off of State of Franklin at Jack Vest Drive. A staging area to temporarily park trucks will be at the vacant lot (old coal yard) beside the Elizabethton Federal Bank on State of Franklin (see the map)


February 5, 2013

One lane of Jack Vest Drive will be closed February 8 11 due to construction. Traffic barrels will be in place to divert traffic onto the two open lanes. Traffic in the area may be congested during the work week.

The contractor plans to start delivery and installation of the precast concrete for the parking garage on Monday, February 18. The duration of deliveries will last approximately twelve weeks. The trucks will deliver off of State of Franklin at Jack Vest Drive (see the map)

A staging area to temporarily park trucks will be at a designated lot at the Baseball Stadium (see the map)


January 14, 2013

Updated site plan showing the pedestrian paths around construction areas for Spring semester 2013 (see detour map)

 Construction Site

August 24, 2012

Due to the construction of the new parking garage, a number of parking spaces will be unavailable during the construction period. We have taken a number of steps to make this transition as convenient as possible.

There are two overflow parking areas available at the Baseball Stadium and at BucVillage. BucVillage parking overflow area will only be available during the first 6 weeks of school. The BUCSHOT will be available at both of these areas.

We also encourage the students and employees who park in Lot #22a, to enter from the Greenwood drive end of the lot to alleviate traffic congestion. A safe walking path is available for those parked in Lot #22a along the intramural fields, with entrances at the soccer stadium and at the end of the intramural fields. During the first two weeks of the fall semester, we will have additional personnel directing pedestrians to the safe walking path. The BUCSHOT shuttle is also available for those parked in Lot #22a with 4 convenient stop locations.

During the transition phase, Lot #21 will be considered an "Open" parking lot.

In addition, the center of campus has been designated as a pedestrian only area, free of vehicles and motorcycles. Sherrod drive is now closed at the intersection of Sherrod and Alexander drive. Vehicles traveling up Sherrod drive must turn around at the intersection, since Alexander drive is a one-way street. Vehicles traveling on Alexander drive will not be able to make a left on Sherrod drive. Unless entering to go to University School parking lot, we encourage you not to enter the campus at Sherrod Drive.

ETSU parking attendants will also be available to inform the drivers of the latest parking lot occupancy. You may find the parking attendants monitoring parking lots in the golf carts with the yellow caution lights.

Please be advised that your vehicle may be towed at owner's expense if parked on any local business' premises, such as Millennium Centre garage or any parking locations off ETSU campus.


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