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School of Graduate Studies

James H. Quillen Graduate Scholars

East Tennessee State University annually honors graduate students who receive the James H. Quillen scholarship. These scholarships were created through a bequest to ETSU by the late James H. Quillen who represented the First Congressional District of Tennessee for 34 years.

Congressman Quillen requested that the endowment proceeds be used to fund scholarships for graduate, undergraduate, and medical students from the First Congressional District on the basis of scholastic endeavors, school and community leadership, volunteer services and activities, work experience, and financial need.

To apply for this scholarship visit the "Search & Apply" page of the ETSU Scholarship Office's website. This page will guide you through locating and applying for eligible scholarships. If you have problems applying for the scholarship, please contact the Scholarship Office at (423) 439-7094


Quillen Scholars

2017-2018 James H. Quillen Graduate Scholars 

Name | Graduate Program


Shayla Atkins | Nursing, D.N.P.

 Shayla Atkins

Coby Atwell | Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Certificate

Coby Atwell

Esta Blevens | Social Work, M.S.W.

 Esta Blevens

Rebecca Compton | Social Work, M.S.W.

Rebecca Compton

Kendra Dailey | Counseling, M.A.

Kendra Dailey

Amanda DeBord | Accountancy, M.Acc.

Amanda DeBord

Melanie Elliot | Public Health, M.P.H.

Melanie elliot

Lauren Fisher | Nursing, M.S.N.

Lauren Fisher

Nicholas Frank | Accountancy, M.Acc.

Nicholas Frank

Melissa Franklin | Nursing, M.S.N.

 Melissa Franklin

Emily Garrison | Audiology, Au.D.

Emily Garrison

Chantel Jurek | Teacher Education, M.A.T

Chantel Jurek

Madison McCullough | Speech-Language Pathology, M.S.

Madison McCullough

Megan McReynolds | Social Work, M.S.W.

Megan McReynolds

Daniel Neubrander | Physical Therapy, D.P.T

 Daniel Neubrander

Isaac Price | Professional communication, M.A.

 Isaac Price

Jennifer Romig | Social Work, M.S.W.

Jennifer Romig

Alexander Smith | Sociology, M.A.

 Alexander Smith

Caleb Taber | Technology, M.S.

Caleb Taber

Melissa Taylor | Social Work, M.S.W.

Melissa Taylor

Jenny Tester | Social Work, M.S.W.

 Jenny Tester

Kelley Webb | Physical Therapy, D.P.T

Kelley Webb

Name | Graduate Program


Alexis Morgan | Physical Therapy,D.P.T.

Alexis Morgan

Alexandria McQueen | English, M.A

Alexandria McQueen
Allecia Frizzell | Education Leadership & Policy Analysis,Ed.D
Allecia Frizzell
Amanda Crawford | Counseling, M.A.
Amanda Crawford
Bailee Wilson | Physical Therapy, D.P.T.
Bailee Wilson
Betsy Wolf | Education Media & Educational Technology,M.Ed.
Betsy Wolf
Crystal Rogers | Nursing, M.S.N.
Crystal Rogers
Emily Elliott | Teacher Education, M.A.T.
Emily Elliott
Emily Trantham | Social Work, M.S.W.
Emily Trantham
Heather Edmundson | Social Work, M.S.W.
Heather Edmundson
Jacqueline Tindell | Teacher Education, M.A.T.
Jacqueline Tindell
Jenay Turner | Counseling, M.A.
Jenay Turner
Josie Klepper | Criminal Justice, M.A.
Josie Klepper
Leif Ratliff | Accounting, M.Acc
Leif Ratliff
Maria Edge | Nursing M.S.N.
Maria Edge
Megan McCoy | Social Work, M.S.W.
Megan McCoy
Melanie Hart | Business Administration, M.B.A.
Melanie Hart
Ramsey Gross | Public Administration, M.P.A.
Ramsey Gross
Randall Simpson | Public Health, M.P.H.
Randall Simpson
Rawan Youssef | Teacher Education, M.A.T.
Rawan Youssef
Sarah Mould | Education Leadership, Ed.D.
Sarah Mould
Sherry Kaye | Appalachian Studies, M.A.
Sherry Kaye
Taylor Cunningham | Physical Therapy, D.P.T.
Taylor Cunningham

 2015-2016 James H. Quillen Graduate Scholars

2015-2016 James H. Quillen Graduate Scholars

Name | Graduate Program


Erica R. Bergmann | Special Education
Erica R. Bergmann
Jeny H. Blanchett | Nursing
Jeny H. Blanchett
Taylor N. Bowers-Lee | Early Childhood Education
Taylor N. Bowers-Lee
Dana K. Bradley | Nursing
Dana K. Bradley
Michelle A. Bradburn | Geosciences
Michelle A. Bradburn
Meredith A. Brown | Nursing
Meredith A. Brown
Wendy C. Cinnamon | Business Administration
Wendy C. Cinnamon
Kate N. Day | Social Work
Kate N. Day
Aimee J. Depelteau | Physical Therapy
Aimee J. Depelteau
Letitia B. Fritz | Nursing
Letitia B. Fritz
Amanda R. George | Reading
Amanda R. George
Ellen V. Gooch | Teacher Education with Multiple Levels
Ellen V. Gooch
Lyn A. Govette | Art
Lyn A. Govette
Hunter S. Graybeal | Teacher Education with Multiple Levels
Hunter S. Graybeal
Magdaline A. Hatzikazakis | Social Work
Magdaline A. Hatzikazakis
Courtney N. Haun | Public Health
Courtney N. Haun
Christopher L. Johnson | Accounting
Christopher L. Johnson
Lauren A. Kirk | Clinical Nutrition
Lauren A. Kirk
Genevieve L. Kupritz | Business Administration
Genevieve L. Kupritz
Amber M. Law | Art
Amber M. Law
Elizabeth H. Layton | Teacher Education with Multiple Levels
Elizabeth H. Layton
Amelia G. McCormick | Art
Amelia G. McCormick
Guillermo I. Mendoza | Early Childhood Education
Guillermo I. Mendoza
Sara D. Normark | Biology
Sara D. Normark
Leslie A. Poole | Communicative Disorders
Leslie A. Poole
Casey B. Potts | Technology
Casey B. Potts
Kadie C. Sharrett | Audiology
Kadie C. Sharrett
Katie J. Sheffield  | Art
Katie J. Sheffield




Name | Graduate Program

Jennifer Campbell | Social Work
Jennifer Campbell
Luke D. Champouillon | MBA
Luke D. Champouillon
Floyd Cogburn | MBA
Floyd Cogburn
Tanya D. Dykes | Clinical Nutrition
Tanya D. Dykes
Virgilia K. Ellis | Master's of Fine Art (Drawing Program)
Virgilia K. Ellis
Whitney Hoese | Clinical Nutrition
Whitney Hoese
Michael S. Hooker | Biology
Michael S. Hooker

Michael D. Housewright | Public Administration

Michael D. Housewright
Tammy J. Hughes | Nursing
Tammy J. Hughes
Jamie Y. Humbert | Masters in Social Work
Jamie Y. Humbert
Sherry K. Kaye | Appalachian Studies
Sherry K. Kaye
Brian J. Lucas | Education Leadership and Policy Analysis
Brian J. Lucas
Zachary C. Lynch | Physical Therapy
Zachary C. Lynch
Damian G. McClintock | Counseling
Damian G. McClintock
Rebecca J. Merrell-Redding | Library Media Services
Rebecca J. Merrell-Redding
Julie I. Morrissey | Clinical Psychology
Julie I. Morrissey
Jason Nicholson | Nursing

Jason Nicholson
Robert J. Santos-Prowse | Human Nutrition
Robert J. Santos-Prowse
Inga S. Sarkodie | English
Inga S. Sarkodie
Tyler T. Speaks | Biology
Sara M. Tanner
Christina R. Tidman | Counseling
Christina R. Tidman
Sarah P. White | Clinical Nutrition
Sarah P. White

2012 James H. Quillen Graduate Scholars2013-2014 James H. Quillen Graduate Scholars

Name | Graduate Program


Whitney Bevens |  Nutrition
Whitney Bevens
Jodi Bradford | Counseling
Jodi Bradford
Ada Buxton | Criminal Justice
Ada Buxton
Charli Byrd | School Counseling
Charli Byrd
Elisa Carbajo | Special Education
Elisa Carbajo
Parker Dabbs | Biology
Parker Dabbs
Chastity Drew | English
Chastity Drew
Joshua Ely | Nursing
Joshua Ely
Sara Greene | Nursing
Sara Greene
Winona Greene | Master of Social Work, M.S.W.
Winona Greene
Sheri Hamilton | Education
Sheri Hamilton
Maegan Harrell | History
Maegan Harrell
Rebecca Hunley | Education
Rebecca Hunley
Seth Johns | Counseling
Seth Johns
Jessica Lee | Physical Therapy
Jessica Lee
Courtney Leifert | Education
Courtney Leifert
Jessica Malone | Counseling
Jessica Malone
Robert McMillan | Biological Sciences
Robert McMillan
Daniel Melton | Accounting
Daniel Melton
Kayla Mills | Chi Sigma Iota Honor Society
Kayla Mills
Jennifer Morgan | Social Work
Jennifer Morgan
Johna Nelson | Counseling License Professional
Johna Nelson
Judith Oliver | Early Childhood Education
Judith Oliver
Robert Raydo | Business Administration
Robert Raydo
Katie Sheffield | Art
Katie Sheffield
David Walter | Public Administration
David Walter
James Watts | Biology
James Watts
Bianca Williams | Education
Bianca Williams
2012 James H. Quillen Graduate Scholars

2012-2013 James H. Quillen Graduate Scholars

Name | Graduate Program


Mindy Bowman | Social Work
Mindy Bowman
Kelley Draper | Liberal Studies
Kelley Draper
Sarah Harvey | Nursing
Sarah Harvey
Stefanie Helton | Reading Education
Stefanie Helton
Benjamin Hilton | Biomedical Sciences
Benjamin Hilton
Candice Hutchens | Marriage & Family Therapy
Candice Hutchens
Rebecca Jones | Communication Disorders/Speech Language Pathology
Rebecca Jones
Nancy Knipp | Physical Therapy
Nancy Knipp
Rebekah Linn | Counseling
Rebekah Linn
Brittany Long | Educational Media & Technology
Brittany Long
Courtney Miller | Accountancy
Courtney Miller
Laura Pepper-Weiler | Social Work
Laura Pepper-Weiler
Kimberly Rigsby | Teaching
Kimberly Rigsby
Sean Stacey | Microbiology
Sean Stacey
Suncica Svalina | Physical Therapy
Suncica Svalina
Karen Williams | Social Work
Karen Williams
Marilyn Yates | Elementary Education
Marilyn Yates
Matthew Young | Public Administration
Matthew Young
2009 James H. Quillen Graduate Scholars

2011-2012 James H. Quillen Graduate Scholars

Name | Graduate Program


Steven Efremov | History
Steven Efremov
Matthew Conder | History
Matthew Conder
Keri Cole | Audiology
Keri Cole
Benjamin Martin | Sociology
Benjamin Martin
Sherri Gentry | Engineering
Sherri Gentry
Jamie Terranera | Education (Teaching)
Jamie Terranera
Kristy Rowe | Communicative Disorders Audiology & Speech-Language Pathology
Kristy Rowe
Veronica Limeberry | Liberal Studies (Gender and Diversity Studies)
Veronica Limeberry
Charity Hensley | Education (Early Childhood Education)
Charity Hensley
Kevin Allison  | Criminal Justice
Kevin Allison
Jacob Bryant | History
Jacob Bryant
Amy Fugate | Nursing (Family Nurse Practitioner)
Amy Fugate
Lauren Garrett | Education
Lauren Garrett
Kimberly Jacobs | Education (Educational Technology)
Kimberly Jacobs
Kathleen McCann | Professional Studies, M.P.S.
Kathleen McCann
Derriell Springfield | Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis
Derriell Springfield
Ellen Stroud | Social Work
Ellen Stroud
Stephanie Moore | Physical Therapy
Stephanie Moore
Sommer Worley | Physical Therapy
Sommer Worley
Kelechi Ogbonnaya | Physical Therapy
Kelechi Ogbonnaya
Brandi McCloud | History
Brandi McCloud
Alexandra Hernandez | Physical Therapy
Alexandra Hernandez
Rachel Fleenor | Counseling
Rachel Fleenor
David Simoson | Information Technology
David Simoson
Kimberly Woodring | History
Kimberly Woodring
Jessica Duncan | Criminal Justice
Jessica Duncan



Name | Graduate Program


Mary Baker | Dr. P.H. Public Health (Community Health Concentration)
Mary Baker
Jeffrey Bonnell | M.S. Mathematics
Jeffrey Bonnell
Leah Conrad | M.Acc. Accountancy
Leah Conrad
Brenna Dye | M.Acc. Accountancy
Brenna Dye
Glenda Edwards | M.A.T. (Teacher Education with Multiple Levels)
Glenda Edwards
Emily Fecco | D.P.T. Physical Therapy
Emily Fecco
Elizabeth Ferguson | M.A.T. (Teacher Education with Multiple Levels)
Elizabeth Ferguson
Tracy Garside | D.P.T. Physical Therapy
Tracy Garside
Christopher Hobbs | M.B.A. Business Administration
Christopher Hobbs
Thaddeus Jablonski | M.P.A. Public Administration (Planning and Development concentration)
Thaddeus Jablonski
Gina Koratzanis | M.A. Criminal Justice
Gina Koratzanis
Kathy Ledford | M.Acc. Accountancy
Kathy Ledford
Brittany Mitchell | M.A. Counseling
Brittany Mitchell
Tanya Montgomery | M.A.T. Teacher Education with Multiple Levels
Tanya Montgomery
Jamila Moody | Ed.D. Educational Leadership
Jamila Moody
Jessica Munday | M.S. Biology
Jessica Munday
Diana Ochoa Lozano | M.S. Biology
Diana Ochoa Lozano
Matthew Quinn | M.A.T. Teacher Education with Multiple Levels
Matthew Quinn
Melissa Reed | M.A. Counseling
Melissa Reed
Joshua Salyers | M.A. History
Joshua Salyers
Sheri Smith | M.Ed. Elementary Education
Joshua Salyers
Jennifer Snyder | M.A. Early Childhood Education
Jennifer Snyder
Joseph Spiker | M.A. History
Joseph Spiker
Amanda Walker | M.A. Teacher Education with Multiple Levels
Amanda Walker
Laura Walker | M.A. Counseling
Laura Walker

 2009-2010 James H. Quillen Graduate Scholars

2009-2010 James H. Quillen Graduate Scholars

Name | Graduate Program


Laura Brudecki | M.S. Biology
 no picture
Sarah Davis | M.B.A.
 no picture
Ashly Garris | M.A.T. - Elementary
 no picture
Jennifer Green | M.Ed. Classroom Technology
 no picture
Cecilia Hamilton | M.S.W. Social Work
 no picture
Kellie Heitmann | M.S.N. Nursing
 no picture
Jennifer Hunt | M.P.H.
 no picture
Michael Jones | M.A. History
 no picture
Quanuquanei Karmue | M.S. Digital Media
 no picture
Rachel Kelly |  M.A. Counseling
 no picture
Leslie King | M.A. General Psychology
 no picture
Suzanne Lyle | M.S. Mathematics
 no picture
Joli Moore | M.Ed. Secondary Education
 no picture
Preston Moore | M.S. Biomedical Sciences
 no picture
Matthew Murray |  D.P.T Physical Therapy
 no picture
Jeffrey Nowiski | M.S. Computer Science
 no picture
Logan Pendergrass | D.P.T. Physical Therapy
 no picture
Rachel Pierce | D.P.T. Physical Therapy
 no picture
Derek Pyle | D.P.T. Physical Therapy
 no picture
Stacey Sparrow | M.S.W. Social Work
 no picture
Joshua Suddath | M.P.A. Public Administration
 no picture

 2008-2009 James H. Quillen Graduate Scholars

2008-2009 James H. Quillen Graduate Scholars

Name | Graduate Program


Angela Barlow | M.A Sociology (Thesis track)
 Angela Barlow
Candice Bright | M.S.W. (Social Work)
 Candice Bright
Christina Caflisch | DPTH (Physical Therapy)
 Christina Caflisch
Ashley Chapman | M.A. Teaching Elementary
 Ashley Chapman
Stephanie Cline | DPTH(Physical Therapy)
 Stephanie Cline
Kawana Collake | M.S.W. (Social Work)
 Kawana Collake
Patricia Cross | M.S. Biological Sciences (Microbiology)
 Patricia Cross
Wyatt Desormeaux | MASC (Mathematics)
 Wyatt Desormeaux
Aprele Fitzgerald | M.A. Teaching
 Aprele Fitzgerald
Ashley Frazier |  BMED (Biomedical Science)
 Ashley Frazier
Jennifer Gannaio | M.A. Teaching
 Jennifer Gannaio
Joshua Gibson | DPTH (Physical Therapy)
 Joshua Gibson
James Glass | M.S.N (Family Nurse Practitioner)
 James Glass
Michelle Green | M.S.W. (Social Work)
 Michelle Green
Charity Higgins | M.A. Teaching
 Charity Higgins
Megan Hillard | DPTH (Physical Therapy)
 Megan Hillard
Christine Ingram | SPMD (Teaching Certification & Master's in Special Education)
 Christine Ingram
Stephanie Jeter | DPTH (Physical Therapy)
 Stephanie Jeter
Kara Kahley | M.B.A. with emphasis in Spanish
 Kara Kahley
Amy Laws | M.A. Liberal Studies
 Amy Laws
Kristy Leonard | M.A. Counseling
 Kristy Leonard
Brooke Mann | M.A. Teaching
 Brooke Mann
Kathy Meredith | EMED (Early Childhood Education)
 Kathy Meredith
Jeffrey Nowiski | M.S. Applied Computer Science
 effrey Nowiski
Glenn Quarles | MPH (Epidemiology) and Graduate Certificate of Rural Health care
 Glenn Quarles
Caitlin Quinn | D.P.T. Physical Therapy
 Caitlin Quinn
William Rader |
 William Rader
Madonna Shipe | M.S.W. Social Work
 Madonna Shipe
Kristin Stone | M.S. Mathematics
 Kristin Stone
Jessica Wellington | D.P.T. Physical Therapy
 Jessica Wellington
Jason Williams | M.P.H. Physical Health
 Jason Williams

Name | Graduate Program


Jeri Allison | Master of Fine Arts
Jerri Allison
Kelly Ammons | Doctorate of Physical therapy
Kelly Ammons
Kristin Bailey | M.S.W. (Social Work)
 Kristin Bailey
Rachel Baker | M.A.T, Secondary Education
 Rachel Baker
Wyatt Desormeaux | B.S (Physics and Maths)
Hayley Henderson | M.S. Counseling
 Hayley Handerson
Kara Kahley | M.B.A. with emphasis in Spanish
 Kara Kahley
Christopher Martin | MBA
 Christopher Martin
Matthew Smith | M.S. Computer Science
 Mathew Smith
Brandon Tyler | Physical Therapy
 Brandon Tyler
Preston Visser | Clinical Psychology, Ph.D
 Preston Visser
Geoffrey Williams | MBA
 Geoffrey Williams

Name | Graduate Program


Rachel Combs | M.S. Clinical Psychology
 Rachel Combs
Amanda Ford | M.A. Counseling
 Ford Amanda
Alison French | Physical Therapy
 Alison French
Jessica Gourley | M.S. Clinical Nutrition
 Jessica Gourley
Laura Lee | M.S.W. (Social Work)
 Laura Lee
Susan Morris | M.A.T, Elementary Education
 S Morris
Nathan Lawson | SMAT
 Nathan Lawson
Abigail Neff | MBA
 Abigail Neff
Jolna Nightingale | M.S.W. (Social Work)
Jolna Nightingale 
Joseph Pearce | M.S., Computer Science
 Joseph Pearce
Brian Pickett | M.A.T., Secondary Education M.A. Physical Education
 Brian Pickett
Malea Sampsel | D.P.T. Physical Therapy
 Malea Sampsel
Paula Sarut |  M.F.A., Studio Art
 Paula Sarut
Cynthia Teague | M.A., English
 Cynthia Teague
Cassandra Thomas | M.S.W. (Social Work)
 Cassandra Thomas

Name | Graduate Program


Lori Baker | M.A. English
 L Baker
Lakeisha Brown | M.S., Mathematics
 L Brown
Sheryl Clark | MBA
 S Clark
David Cloud |  Ed.D., Educational Leadership
 David Cloud
Christopher Cooper | M.A., Criminal Justice
 Christopher Cooper
Melissa Cupp | M.S.W. (Social Work)
 M Cupp
Barbara Gamble | Ed.D., Educational Leadership
 B Gamble
David Giles | Biomedical Science
 D Giles
Marceia Holland |  M.A.T. and M.S. Biology
Marceia Holland 
Carrie Jolly | Ph.D., Biomedical Sciences
 Carrie Jolly
Susan McClellan | MBA
 Susan McClellan
Jennifer Mongold | Criminal Justice
 Jennifer Mongold
Ashleigh Norris | M.A., Counseling
 Ashleigh Norris
Natalie Pickett | M.A.T., Secondary School Teaching
 Natalie Pickett
Chad Smelcer | M.A.T., Elementary Education
 Chad Smelcer
Vonda Stevens | M.A.T., Elementary Education
 Vonda Stevens
Emily Stubblefield | M.A.T., Elementary Education
 Emily Stubblefield
Laurie Webb | M.A.T., Elementary Education
 Laurie Webb


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