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Honors College

Alumni Advisory Council

The Alumni dogwoodsAdvisory Board (AAB) was established to provide an efficient way for alumni to voice their thoughts, share their ideas, and add to discussions identifying the value of the Honors College to Alumni and the value of the Alumni to the Honors College.

2018 Alumni Advisory Board (AAB) Members

Jennifer Anderson - '1999
Maegan McNerney Azar - '2003
Catherine Childress - '2011

James Elliott - '2016
Adrianna Guram - '2001
Taylor Hartley - '2010
Kelley Hatch - '2009, '2011
Dwyn 'Mack' Mounger, '2012, '2016
Rachel Warren Ratliff - '2006
Zachery Ross, '2014
Sarah Culp Searles - '2007
Jessica Shelton, '2013
Cheri Tinney, '2013

Honors College AAB Mission
To support the University Honors College in achieving
and sustaining a distinctive position within the
field of higher education.

  • Provide consultation to the Dean and Directors regarding the
    changing needs of students.
  • Promote campus and public awareness of the academic programs
    of the University Honors College at local, state, and national levels.
  • Assist in recruitment of potential students for programs in the
    Honors College.
  • Advance activities and communication to build an active
    Honors College Alumni program.
  • Enrich academic quality through gifts and by assisting in identifying and securing funding sources to increase enrollment, retention and placement.
Advocacy & Outreach

We look forward to meeting with Alumni Board members and in working with them to promote the interests of the University and of the Honors College. They will play an essential role in engaging and inspiring alumni to support current and future Honors scholars at ETSU."

- Judith B. Slagle
Dean, Honors College

As our Alumni, you continue to play a
crucial role by serving
as the eyes and ears of the Honors College community in the wider world.

Our board members encourage you to add your voice to discussions on future directions for the Honors College.

Please contact:
Kelly Cisney, Director
Development Programs

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