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Fine & Performing Arts Scholars Program

East Tennessee State University

Benefits & Opportunities

The Honors College Community
Enjoy the many benefits of becoming a Bert C. Bach Fine & Performing Arts (FPA) Scholar at ETSU

FPA CurriculumBoland Art Exhibit 2018

You will be involved in a new program that is specifically designed to educate artists of the 21st century. The program is designed to support an interdisciplinary group of student artists who will share the experience of learning about the arts together. The program offers a distinctive 24-hour honors curriculum focused on fostering artistic identities and professional practices. You will push the boundaries, define and construct new works, learn what you'll need to know to survive as an artist, and have the chance to pursue your own major creative works and projects.

FPAScholarship (8 semesters)

Admission is competitive; 10 funded and five unfunded
scholars are admitted each fall.Scholarships include eight

semeters of in-state or out-of-state tuition (if applicable),
and most fees.


In addition to major/minor advisers, you will receive individual advising with the FPA program director through the Honors College, helping to make sure you are on track to meet your educational goals. You will not be alone. You will be surrounded and supported by your student colleagues and Boland BlueGrass Band 18faculty mentors. They will be your best friends and most honest critics. You will have the opportunity to share your artistic endeavors and part of your coursework with other arts scholars and work with exceptional faculty artists in your field.

Priority Registration

Honors students are permitted to register for courses early, which insures an opportunity to register for desired courses that best fit with their schedule.

Honors Facilities

You will have 24/7 access to honors facilities within Yoakley
Hall (computer labs, conference room with presentation
capability, study rooms, rehearsal, and studio spaces).
Fine & Performing Arts boland presentation 18Scholars director and staff member
offices are also located within Yoakley Hall.


FPA scholars have the opportunity to serve on the Honors College Student Council and other ad hoc committees in
order to have input as to the Honors experience at ETSU.
We'll give you the opportunities to achieve. We hope you
will be challenged. We know you can do it!

Social Events and Activities

A small community of high-achieving students in a variety
of honors programs, the Honors College regularly hosts
co-curricular and social events for members of the
honors community.

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