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The Honors-in-Discipline Scholars Programs

East Tennessee State University

The Honors-in-Discipline Scholars Programs

The Honors-in-Discipline Scholars Programs (HID)

Honors-in-Discipline programs are offered within a variety of degree programs at ETSU. HID Scholars receive special advising from a Program Coordinator in their discipline, have priority registration status, are members of the Honors College community, and become eligible for special opportunities and scholarships. HID  Scholars also receive honors graduation and transcript recognition.


24 specially designed, in-depth, hands-on programs


3 groups--freshmen, transfers, and current ETSU students--can apply


HID Scholars take a minimum of 18 hours of honors coursework. This coursework generally counts toward the student's major, allows each student to work closely with faculty in the discipline, and includes hours earned during the completion of an Honors Thesis. Thesis projects vary by discipline; they result from a research or creative project the scholar undertakes under the direction of faculty in the discipline.


18 hours of honors coursework including an honors thesis


24/7 access to a dedicated computer lab, classroom, and study room plus many other benefits

84% of Honors-in-Discipline Scholars graduate from ETSU 

And our graduates go on to do great things! Many get jobs in their fields. Others enter graduate and professional programs at prestigious universities around the country, including:

University of Nebraska

Bill Gatton College of Pharmacy

Vanderbilt University

University of Alabama Law School

University of Wisconsin, Madison

Quillen College of Medicine

UNC-Chapel Hill

UT Knoxville

University of Florida

Arizona State

Belmont College of Law

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