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University Honors Scholars

East Tennessee State University

Program Faculty

Dr. Jennifer D. Grubbs

Visiting Assistant Professor, Women's Studies
WMST 2010-088  Honors Introduction to Women's Studies
211 Campus Center Building 423-439-4135

Dr. Frank Hagelberg

Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy
PHYS 2018  Honors Great Ideas in Science
279 Brown Hall    423-439-6725

Prof. Cara Harker

Associate Professor, Theatre and Dance
DANC 1150-088 Honors Dance as a Human Experience
207-B Campus Center Building 423-439-5687

Prof. Daniel Hedden

Curriculum Coordinator, Honors College
UHON 1108, 2108, 3108, 4108  Honors Colloquium
UHON 3008  Foundations of Research
204 Yoakley Hall    423-439-6088

Dr. Lindsey King

Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology/Anthropology
ANTH 1240  Honors Cultural Anthropology
401A Rogers-Stout Hall    423-439-6584

Dr. Karen Kornweibel

Associate Professor, Department of Literature and Language
HUMT 1218 Honors Quest for Meanings and Values I
ENGL 1218 Honors Quest for Meanings and Values II
107 Burleson Hall     423-439-6683

Dr. Leslie MacAvoy

Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Philosophy and Humanities
HUMT 1218 Honors Quest for Meanings and Values I
PHIL 1228 Honors Quest for Meanings and Values II
322A Rogers-Stout Hall      423-439-6623

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