Faculty & Staff...In Top Form

Collaborative Participation
  • Programs of Study: Faculty in programs of student are invited to create and implement a multi-year plan to help all students in a program of study (major or concentration) attain all six INtopFORM learning outcomes. Support for this participation includes a one time compensation for the project leaders of up to $2000 per faculty member (Max of $6000)and other workshops and resources.Read more about enhancing mastery in programs of study. 
  • Student Support and Engagement Projects: ETSU units are encouraged to develop and implement projects that will improve students' information fluency skills outside the classroom. Participating units will select project leader(s) to attend meetings or workshops and carry out the INtopFORM projects. ETSU will support participating units by providing one-time, $3000 grants to develop and implement these projects. Read more about student support and engagement projects.
Individual Participation
  • INtopFORM Faculty Fellowships:  Faculty may apply for INtopFORM faculty fellowships. Some of the responsibilities of a fellow will be to attend workshops, engage in peer mentoring, complete projects that support implementation of INtopFORM, assess outcomes and present project findings. Fellows will be provided with a $2000 stipend. Read more about faculty fellowships.
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