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Next Steps ~ Your Sites Analytics


Unique Views

 Unique Page Views

Page views count each time a visitor to a web page loads or views a particular web page on a site. Each time that a page is load, an analytics calculation increments the number of views. 

A unique page view on the other hand, is different in that is does not count each time a page is loaded. A unique page view as the name implies counts only a new page that has been visited during a single user session. Instead of counting every time a page is loaded, a unique page view is the number of sessions over a single period of time that a page is viewed at least once during a session. Page reloads are not counted towards the total number, so unique page views will always be equal to or less than the number of overall page views.

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Tips to make your site mobile friendly

  • Shorter Page Titles - if the title is over 32 characters it will wrapping into the body of your site, causing difficulties in reading the text

  • Chunks of scannable text instead of long paragraphs - users on their mobile devises are just looking for a bit or a snack more than likely not the meal

  • Use snippets, they are responsive making them mobile friendly

  • Consider using accordions for your content. Users will select the information they need

  • Use lists

Examples of the Tips

Shorter Page Titles

Page header - how long is to long? You have plenty of space when viewing on a monitor but your users many be viewing your site on a mobile devise. Your header space just got a whole lot smaller.

If your header looks like this on a monitor screen:

page header on a monitor

But looks like this on your phone:

page header on a phone

Here is how you can fix that  - click on your light bulb, click on the properties button, and update the header. the new header should only be 32 characters or less. But double check when you have saved the page and published it!

View of the properties section in OU Campus


Proberties view in OU Campus showing the page heading field

To test see the tools below.

Chunks of Text

A method of chunking content for the web, the bite, snack and meal approach entails writing for the appetite of a variety of web visitors. Some will nibble at content, some will spend more substantial time with it and others will dive right in to get the most possible out of the content.

  • Bite - a headline with a message

"Wash a car without leaving streaks - research shows special technique works best"

When the option is available, the bite links to the content.

  • Snack - a concise summary that provides enough information for a content overview

"Wash your car the right way and you'll avoid annoying streaks, while saving water. Research from the Car Washing Institute of America's new study shows that starting at the top washing your way down works best. Avoid streaks, reduce damage from grit and reduce water use by 50% when you start at the top."

The snack then links to the content.

  • Meal - the full, original content

Example: a lengthy article on washing a car.

Information from Wikipedia



This is an accordion - view what an accordion looks like on a mobile device.


You can use bullets or numbered list, these are found in the tool bar or you can use a list snippet.

List of the days of the week - tool bar

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

Goals - snippet

  • Read
  • Exercise
  • Travel
  • Take Sunday Drives

Tools that will help your site be mobile friendly

  • media genesis - Responsive Webdesign Checker
  • ResponsinatorResponsive screen testing that views site in landscape
  • Screen Fly -Responsive screen testing on monitors, tablets, smart phones, and more
  • HemingwayHemingway App makes your writing bold and clear
  • Tips for writing web content

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