Fossil Gallery

An image of a fossil being reconstructed in the lab.

Of nearly 15,000 catalogued specimens at the Natural History Museum, only a few hundred or so are considered "display quality".  Most fossil evidence is fragmentary at best.  Even though many of these fragments tell us amazing things about the plants and animals that made up the ecosystem of the Gray Fossil Site 4.5 to 7 million years ago, they just aren't that pretty to look at.  Many hours of field and lab work are involved in reconstructing portions of fossil skeletons.  That's why we are happy to present a selection of the best specimens in an online fossil gallery that allows viewers to see a 360 degree view of some of these beautifully preserved and prepared specimens.

Please enjoy this virtual exhibition by clicking on the images in the right-hand column.

Virtual Exhibition--
Miocene Fossils
from the
Permanent Collection

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Turtle Shell

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Tapir Skull

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Elephant Foot



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