Tipton Gallery hosting 'Is This What Loving Someone is Like?'

Clouded with the Chance of Fire

JOHNSON CITY (July 30, 2013) – Tipton Gallery is hosting a group exhibition curated by Grace Reff entitled  “Is This What Loving Someone is Like?”

The display, presented by the East Tennessee State University Department of Art and Design and Slocumb Galleries in partnership with the Johnson City Urban Redevelopment Alliance, will continue through Aug. 16.  An artists’ reception will be held in conjunction with Johnson City’s First Friday celebration on Aug. 2 from 5-7 p.m. at Tipton Gallery, located at 126 Spring Street.

The exhibit title came from a poem by Emily Pettit that inspired Reff to curate the show to address the question of “how we understand the unknowable.”  Pieces in the exhibition “challenge the idea of the planned, the expected and the known while exploring the undefinable and subjective as expressed through process, emotion and method.”

Participating artists include Carrie Dyer, Anna Enloe, Allison Hall, Satpreet Kahlon, Storm Ketron, Will Pope and Gail Vollrath.

Enloe presents “a time-based piece based on the process of finding, collecting, documenting and presentation.  Interested in keeping a record of the things around her, her investigation of the objects around her questions the way we know ourselves and our past.”

Hall creates work “advocating for modes of personal self-discovery. Her pieces feign methodology, order and control, but are in fact created in direct contrast. Through her practice, she finds meaning in the making, allowing her work to become relics in investigation.”

Kahlon’s fabric work references “process, emotion, history and the unavoidable messes, mistakes, and discoveries that occur along the way.”

Influenced by her emotional response to an incredible loss, Dyer’s piece, “Cloud Control: The Devastation of an Anchor,” represents “fractured states of isolation through growing crystal-like structures, while grounded cloud forms represent hope.”  In this work, Dyer considers “the effect of the unplanned and the unique reactions that take place when the unexpected occurs.”

Pope “explores what is perceived and what is real, and the mystery that occurs where that line is drawn. His conceptual work is influenced by dichotomy and the juxtaposition of what is thought to be known and actuality.”

And Vollrath employs intuitive and natural mark-making in her series of Polaroid drawings. “Images reflecting conversations, relationships and current process work are drawn over with mediums including colored pencil, china marker and (correction fluid), as she investigates process, change and the transformation that occurs between an original or beginning and the ultimate end.”


In addition to the reception on Aug. 2, the exhibit is available for viewing at other times by appointment.  Both the exhibit and reception are free and open to the public. 

For more information, to schedule a viewing, or for special assistance for those with disabilities, contact Karlota Contreras-Koterbay, director of ETSU’s Slocumb Galleries, at (423) 483-3179 or .
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