Andrew Malone

Andrew Malone

Andrew Malone lives life at top speed.

Now beginning his third year at East Tennessee State University, Malone has already amassed 112 credit hours and classification as a senior, thanks to Advanced Placement and dual enrollment classes in high school and full summer school schedules. “I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I weren’t always busy,” he says.

And so, of course, Malone is pursuing a double major: finance and accounting. His focus on academics was rewarded with an internship in Chattanooga during the 2014 spring semester with Ernst and Young, one of the largest accounting firms in the world. The pace suited Malone just fine, even though he might work 80 hours a week.

“I loved the experience,” Malone says. “They show interns what to do and then turn them loose to work on their own. The job is sort of a ‘trial by fire,’ and there was no time to do anything but work, eat and sleep.”

A week of training in Atlanta was included, and at the end of the summer, interns are invited on a trip to Disney World.

One of Malone’s favorite experiences was a few days of community service in the Nashville school system. “Another intern and I worked with third graders,” he said. ‘We would designate a few students to represent the government. Then all the other students would be given five dollars as their wages, but they would have to turn one of those dollars over to the government as taxes. The kids were so angry! They did learn about the way taxation works, though, as well as about saving money and basic economic principles.”

Next summer, after he graduates, Malone will return to the firm for a further internship.

Outside the classroom, Malone shows equal determination. He plays for the Rugby Club team. “It is a very physical sport,” he says, “and I enjoy it. The team plays at a very high, competitive level with a schedule that has included schools like Duke University.”

“I had never played rugby before coming to ETSU,” Malone says. “I was invited to watch a game by my Preview leader, who was on the team. From that first experience, I knew I’d like the game.”

In addition, he plays a variety of intramural sports, including soccer, volleyball, dodge ball, flag football and Ultimate Frisbee.

Malone’s Preview experience was so enjoyable that he volunteered as a Preview leader the past two years. “Preview leaders become a family,” he notes. “The leaders are a very diverse group, but all of them share the same love of leadership and service.”

Malone will complete his degree at ETSU in only three years, but he will have packed as much as possible into those three years.

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