Professor co-edits book on hearing disorder

Dr. Marc Fagelson

JOHNSON CITY (Nov. 19, 2015) – A faculty member at East Tennessee State University recently co-edited a book intended to support patients suffering from tinnitus as well as the clinicians, researchers, and students who work on their behalf.

Dr. Marc Fagelson, a professor of audiology in ETSU’s College of Clinical and Rehabilitative Health Sciences, collaborated with  Dr. David Baguely of Cambridge University in England on the book, “Tinnitus: Clinical and Research Perspectives.”

Released this month, the book features 21 chapters focused on contemporary findings from basic and clinical research regarding tinnitus mechanisms, effects, and interventions.

Tinnitus is the experience of a sound that has no apparent external cause. The tinnitus sounds may range widely from person to person in persistence, loudness, and the type of sound, though reports of a noise characterized as a “tone,” “buzz,” “pulse” or insect-like “chirping” are common, Fagelson said.

The textbook features a collection of international authors, active researchers and clinicians who provide an expansive scope of material relevant for patients and professionals alike. Fagelson and Baguley edited the book, collaborated on two chapters, and each wrote a third.

Throughout the book, the influence of tinnitus on all aspects of life is explored, from art to medicine and communication to isolation. It includes case studies that provide a practical view of tinnitus effects and management approaches. . The book also reviews animal models, surgical interventions, and reviews of related auditory phenomena such as acoustic shock disorder, hyperacusis, and misophonia.

Fagelson sees patients at tinnitus clinics at the VA Medical Center and the Johnson City Community Health Center, a facility operated by ETSU’s College of Nursing. He estimates 10 to 15 percent of the general public deals with tinnitus and approximately 30 percent of veterans suffer from it.

To reach him or to make a clinic appointment, contact the JCCHC at 423-929-6902 or the VA clinic at 423-926-1171, ext. 7553.

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