2018 Rural High School Medical Camp

Group photo - students at camp

In an effort to increase the number of primary care physicians who choose to practice in rural areas, the Department of Family Medicine has sought to have a greater influence upon high school students during a period which is critical to their career determinations. Rural high school students eyeing a career in medicine and the health sciences can get an early glimpse into the field by entering the 14th annual Rural High School Medical Camp, hosted by the James H. Quillen College of Medicine. The camp encourages the students to consider a career that previously may have appeared out of reach and gives them a set of experiences to guide them for preparation for entering medical school. The 2018 camp was held June 10-15.

The program is organized around a one-week summer camp for up to 24 rural high school students - must be a rising junior, senior or recent graduate. 393 students have participated in the 15 previous camps. During the one-week of didactics, the students are introduced to disciplines of medicine with hands on experience. They are also oriented to campus life, learning about admissions to both East Tennessee State University and the James H. Quillen College of Medicine, financial aid/scholarships, and enjoy some social time in the evenings as well.

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