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Student/University Health Services

College of Nursing


All immunization records must be submitted in the English Language.  If translation has occurred, please include the certified translation service information.    You cannot translate yourself, they must be translated by a professional translator. 

IMPORTANT!   If you are moving into campus housing you must submit medically documented proof that you have received a Meningococcal MCV4 Vaccine within the past 5 years.   


All immunizations must be uploaded to MEDPROCTOR.

PLEASE  UPLOAD YOUR IMMUNIZATION FORM AT LEAST 2 WEEKS PRIOR TO YOUR ORIENTATION DATE, OR IT MAY IMPACT YOUR ABILITY TO REGISTER AS A FULL TIME STUDENT. It does take time for your records to be reviewed and processed. This will allow time for communication before your orientation or move in date. 

*You do not have to purchase anything from MedProctor in order to submit your immunizations for processing and receive reply notifications from MedProctor.  This cost has already been covered by ETSU.  

The mission of Student/University Health Services is to provide acute and episodic care to university students and employees. Student/University Health Services is a nurse managed clinic and the health care providers are Board Certified Nurse Practitioners.

Holiday Closures: November 23-24 and December 22-January 1, 2018.

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Center Quick Facts

  • Nurse managed facility
  • Treats acute and episodic conditions
  • Open 5 days a week


Student/University Health Services Links

Meningitis Requirement



Effective July 1, 2013, the Tennessee General Assembly required ALL NEW incoming students under the age of 22 at any public institution of higher learning in the State of Tennessee who live in "ON-CAMPUS" student housing, will be required to provide proof of adequate immunization against Meningococcal disease within the last 5 years, before moving into any on-campus housing. Some exemptions do apply for students who provide the appropriate medical or religious exemption form to Student/University Health Services. New incoming students will not have the option of refusing this immunization without providing Student Health Services the appropriately executed medical or religious exemptions.

This new requirement does not currently apply to students already living in on-campus housing but is highly recommended.

This requirement does not replace the Meningitis and Hepatitis Immunization Health History Form.  The Meningitis and Hepatitis Immunization Health History Form is a state mandatory requirement. 

Immunization Requirements for Orientation

Please use the MEDPROCTOR system to Upload your immunization Records 30 days prior to your orientation date to avoid delay in registration. More information about MEDPROCTOR.

  • In State Students who Graduate from a Tennessee High School after May 2016 do NOT need to submit proof of Varicella (Chicken Pox) or Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR).
  • All students planning to live in campus housing must provide proof of Meningitis immunization prior to moving into the residence halls or apartments.
Behavioral Health

We offer Behavioral Health appointments.  There is no charge for you to see a Behavioral Health Specialist if you are enrolled for the current semester. If you have a "no show" appointment, you will be assessed a $20 no show fee to your account. If you do not keep an appointment or cancel the day before your appiontment, you are preventing someone else from being able to make an appointment. 

Policy for students who are not registered for the current semester.

  • You will be charged an office visit fee as a non-enrolled student. 
  • You must have been registered for the previous semester and also for the following semester to receive services. 
  • Example:  You were a student at ETSU spring semester, but you are currently sitting out summer semester and have already registered for the fall semester.  You are eligible for services at this clinic, but will be charged an office visit fee.

Please call for an appointment if you are experiencing any difficulties with moods, behaviors or thoughts that are not normal to you and including anxiety or depression.

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  1. Where do I send my Immunization Records?Answer
  2. Is there a required document for listing immunizations?Answer
  3. What if I have problems creating or uploading my immunization records, who do I contact?Answer
  4. Will you accept the blue immunization booklets?Answer
  5. Do you accept immunization information in languages other than English?Answer
  6. Do I need an appointment to be seen in the Student Health Clinic?Answer
  7. Will you file my insurance?Answer

Where do I send my Immunization Records?

You will upload your Immunization Records to MedProctor.

Please create your own confidential account with MedProctor.  You will need your ETSU email activated to complete your account information.  You will be able to retrieve your immunization information once you have uploaded your documents any time you need to access it.

Is there a required document for listing immunizations?
YES. Upon creating your personal account with MedProctor, you will be able to download and print the required form for your medical provider to complete for you to upload into your personal confidential account.

What if I have problems creating or uploading my immunization records, who do I contact?
Please contact MedProctor for assistance:

Will you accept the blue immunization booklets?
NO. All immunizations must be medically documented from your Medical provider or Health Department on official State Approved Immunization Form.

Do you accept immunization information in languages other than English?
NO. All immunization information must be documented properly in English only.

Do I need an appointment to be seen in the Student Health Clinic?

YES. It is preferred to call (423)439 4225 to make an appointment to ensure that you are able to be seen.

Will you file my insurance?
YES. The clinic will be glad to file any incurred charges to your insurance company as a courtesy to you.

IMPORTANT: If you cannot locate the appropriate medical documentation for any of your immunizations, you can provide the Laboratory Titer Results that must include the quantitative values and referencing index verifying a positive titer result from a medical laboratory with the appropriate professional contact information and documentation. All titer results are subject to review by the medical staff of the Student Health Services Clinic for acceptance.


All students registered with the International Program or as an ELS (English Language Service) must complete Tuberculosis testing withinthe first 30 days of classes.  You will not be able to register for any classes until you have completed your TB testing.  All TB Testing isrequired to be performed at the Student Health Clinic due to management of different complexities of receiving vaccines and the the time line process of the correct type of TB Testing to be performed.  Please call the Student Health Clinic to make an appointment for your TB Screening and Testing. (423-439-4225)

For Emergencies Please Call 911

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