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MOU Requirements

The Online Course Scoring Rubric lists requirements for developing ETSU online courses, along with guidelines and best practices used to evaluate the completed course.

The Online Course Scoring Rubric consist of two sections, (A) course requirements and (B) the scoring matrix for guidelines and best practices. All course requirements must be present in any completed ETSU online course. Elements in section (B) will be scored to evaluate the completed course. A minimum score of 66% is required for approval.

Online Course Development Compensation
Purpose and qualifications for extra compensation



Required Score
•  Excellent:
96% - 100%
•  Good:
86% - 95%
•  Average:
76% - 85%
•  Acceptable:
66% - 75%
•  Revisions Required
0% - 65%



Online Course Scoring Rubric

This detailed rubric breaks down the expectations for the scored sections of an online course review.

Online Course Scoring Rubric
Form will open in a PDF document.


Requirements for Developing ETSU Online Courses

Required and scored elements can be found in Appendix A and B in the appropriate online MOU form.



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