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Current Gatton Pharmacy Students

East Tennessee State University

NCPA Student


The National Community Pharmacists Association operates a chapter at Gatton College of Pharmacy.

Founded in 1898, the NCPA represents America’s community pharmacists, including the owners of more than 22,000 pharmacies. Our chapter focuses on professional development of student pharmacists at ETSU; fostering students’ knowledge, awareness, and interest in independent community pharmacy. We strive to provide patient care services through partnerships with local independent pharmacies and community partners. With the help of our partners, we offer a unique mentorship program to connect members with a successful mentor; whom we believe will provide a set of skills imperative for long-term success of an inexperienced owner or manager of a pharmacy business. Further, our chapter focuses on policy and advocacy efforts within the profession of pharmacy so that students can play a critical role in advancing and protecting independent pharmacy businesses.”  

Current leadership 

            - President: Jack Novansy (

            - Vice President: Jordan Owen (

            - Treasurer: Keaton Summers (

            - Secretary: TBD

            - Advisor: Dr. Jeffrey Gray (g)Chair positions/committees 

  1. Legislative Chair: The legislative chair serves as a conduit for legislative updates from TPA and NCPA to the student organization.  This individual is tasked with monthly legislative updates to be shared with the chapter and general student body to encourage and engage student interest in policy and advocacy.  Further, this individual engages in TPA and NCPA legislative activities as possible. All legislative events will be primarily managed by the legislative chair and should include a legislative reception, letter writing campaign, PAC collection drive, etc. 

  2. Fundraising Chair: The fundraising chair is responsible for development and management of all fundraising activities for the chapter.  The role calls for someone who is innovative and dedicated to raising funds to provide additional funding for chapter initiatives.

  3. Health/Wellness Chair: The health and wellness chair directs all outreach activities for the year for NCPA’s Health and Wellness challenge.  This student is a key developer of relationships with area independent pharmacies and is innovative in approach. This person is responsible for accurate record keeping of events for annual reporting purposes.

  4. First District Pharmacists Association (FDPA) Liaison: The FDPA liaison directs and organize all events held in conjunction with the FDPA organization. This person is also responsible for maintaining an active list of all students who are members of FDPA. To become a member of FDPA, a student must be a member of either ETSU’s NCPA or APhA chapter and must pay an additional due each year as determined by the FDPA chapter at large. The FDPA liaison is also responsible for all communications with the FDPA chapter at large and their executives.


Annual convention @ Boston, MA October 6-7:

"Rethink Pharmacy With NCPA" YouTube video:

 NCPA National Website and Digest:


            - 2017 NCPA Digest:

 Membership Link:

            - NCPA online member sign-up link:

            - online membership renewal link:

Annual Dues

National - $50

Local - $25

 The Mentorship Program

ncpa mentorThe Mentorship Program is designed to connect students with dynamic independent pharmacy owners and to encourage those students to explore career paths in independent pharmacy. The focus of this mentorship is in owning/operating an independent pharmacy. The ETSU Mentorship Program will provide the connections between independent pharmacy owners and students. Mentor-mentee selections will be made by a panel of faculty who have interest in the student’s success.

Equally important, the mentor-mentee relationship helps bridge the gap between current and future owners. Through real-world experiences, a mentor can expose the student to sound decision making processes well in advance of their own high stakes situation. The program also fills a gap in the curriculum, which can only provide so much practical instruction on ownership-specific skills. The ideal way to learn and develop necessary skills to effectively manage a pharmacy business is through on-site experience and wisdom shared by someone who has been through the process.

The program is designed to develop and motivate inspired students towards

management/ownership by transferring experiences, knowledge, and skills from proprietor to student pharmacist. For mentors, the program encourages the display of strong leadership skills while providing an opportunity to give back to the profession, by having an impact on student lives and career paths. The program is not designed to be a job interview, be a requirement for a student to work in the pharmacy, or provide any promise for future employment.

Pharmacy students need to hear firsthand from successful independent community pharmacists why community pharmacy is a great professional option. Becoming an independent owner, or even working in the community setting, is a rewarding experience! Help us pass on a legacy by participating in the ETSU Mentorship Program today.

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