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Rock Art

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Rock Art and Archeology: Investigating Ritual Landscape in the Mongolia Altai

This film focuses on the interdisciplinary project "Rock Art and Archaeology: Investigating Ritual Landscape in the Mongolian Altai" - an archaeological, anthropological, and art historical investigation at the Biluut Petroglyph Complex in Bayan Olgi, Mongolia. Through the use of two fields seasons of video footage and seven field seasons of photos, the film seeks to provide visual and scholarly information about the wide variety of petroglyphs, burial mounds, standing stones, and other archaeological features being documented and excavated, the nomadic pastoral cultures of the region (a history which extends from the present day to pre-Bronze age eras), the region's geography and geology as a context which shaped these cultures and their practices and products, and the techniques and methodologies specifically employed by project members.

Director: Taylor Malone

Producer: Dr. Richard Kortum

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