What We Do

 what we do

We seek to identify and select the region's best potential leadership talent from among graduating seniors in high schools throughout the region. We work to develop each Roan Scholar's leadership potential by providing resources; access to professional networks and the extended Roan family; and a framework of experiences and opportunities - as well as individualized support and mentoring. We strive to inspire our Scholars to lives of leadership excellence and life-long impact, both in their chosen profession and as they serve - in their communities, the region, and the world.  To accomplish all this, the Roan provides:

The Roan Scholarship: Full tuition/fees; room & board allowance; book allowance; Dell laptop+

Leader development programming:  Workshops; seminars; speakers; connecting events - throughout the year

Summer enrichment experiences:  Internships; study abroad / international travel; research; service

Individualized development opportunities Mentoring; job shadowing; unique enrichment experiences - all designed to assist our Scholars as they pursue their interests and passions, and gain the tools they'll need for continued leadership excellence and life-long impact.

The Roan Outdoor Leadership Challenge Incoming freshman begin their ETSU career with this week-long experience, which is intended to challenge them - physically, mentally, emotionally; to help them test their limits and expand the boundaries of their personal "comfort zone"; and to build a bond among their Class, as they learn to leverage each others' strengths for the good of the entire group