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Staff Senate

East Tennessee State University

Executive Committee
, President
, Vice-President
, Secretary
, Treasurer
, Member-at-Large
, Immediate Past President

The President shall be the presiding officer of the Senate, shall chair the Executive Committee, and shall be an ex officio member of all other Senate Committees.

Vice-President:  The Vice-President shall substitute for the President in his/her absence, assume all duties of that office in the President’s absence, and serve in other capacities as the President may direct.  The Vice-President elected to serve during the second or announced final year of the President’s term shall serve with the expectation of ascending to the office of the President with the next election for a full two-year term.  Should the senate term of the Vice-President end prior to assuming the duties of the Presidency, his/her term will be extended one year.

The secretary shall perform the following duties:

  1. Serve as recording secretary at all regular or special meetings of the Senate;
  2. Keep the official attendance records of all meetings;
  3. Prepare and maintain the official membership list of the Senate.

The Treasurer shall perform the following functions:

  1. Compile and maintain all records of financial transactions involving the Senate;
  2. Make monthly financial reports to the Senate at large;
  3. Prepare annual financial statement to be submitted to the President of the University.

Member at Large:
The Member at Large represents the Senate membership and communicates their issues, needs, and interests, particularly those that arise outside of the Standing Committee structure, to the Executive Committee.  They conduct projects to further the goals of the organization or to develop services for the membership and also may serve as chair of any ad hoc committee formed to develop these projects.  Additionally, the Member at Large acts as a stand-in for any Executive Committee member that cannot fulfill their role.  An effective Member at Large identifies potential problems and opportunities in and for the Senate, works effectively towards common goals as Senate team member, and develops action plans for selected and/or assigned Senate projects.  In addition, the Member at Large will serve as the Staff Senate historian and liaison between Staff Senate and Archives of Appalachia.  This duty includes keeping a record of all Staff Senate activities and submitting such records to the Archives of Appalachia on an annual basis.  Records can include, but are not limited to, official attendance records and minutes of regular monthly meetings of staff senate, official membership list of the Senators, records of financial transactions, annual financial statement submitted to the President of the University, records of the senate's accomplishment and activities for the year, newspaper clippings, photos, printed programs, and flyers, or any other items of interest related to Staff Senate activities.

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