• Case Staffing assistance helping to identify and resolve problems or obstacles in acquiring effective services.
  • Consultation with community providers to assist in care plan development and the diagnosis and treatment of children.
  • Education and training child welfare providers and for pediatric and mental health community providers regarding Early Periodic Screening Diagnosis and Treatment services and best practice guidelines to improve outcomes.
  • Collaboration with the Managed Care Organizations and Behavioral Health Organizations in network development, by helping to identify and recruit providers and sharing monitoring information about provider performance.
  • Limited direct services to children with complex cases (psychiatric and psychological evaluations, as well as psychiatric medication management, and medication gap filling).
  • Tertiary care coordination for ordered services and assistance with appointment coordination and medical record collection.
  • Close collaboration with the Department of Children's Services to assist case workers in their efforts to secure Early Periodic Screening Diagnosis and Treatment-related Services.
When Should a Referral Be Made?
  • When the case has multiple concerns and there are complex diagnostic and mental health and/or medical issues
  • When there are conflicting diagnoses among providers
  • When a comprehensive review of the child and family history (behavior, treatment, placement, education, and health) would assist in determining the child's current needs
  • When an evaluation would add information needed for placement or treatment recommendations
  • When there are concerns about medications

Referring to the COE
  • DCS staff should follow the DCS/COE referral protocol and contact the Well-Being Unit psychologist to discuss the issues, concerns, and problems to determine if a COE referral is appropriate. Click here for DCS Referral Guidelines
  • All other referral sources should contact the COE directly to triage the referral prior to submitting the referral form.
  • Please click here for the Referral Form and fax the completed form to (423) 439-2240.
  • After the referral is received a COE staff member will contact the referral source to clarify the specific questions that need to be answered and to obtain additional information.
  • Click here for the COE Checklist of information needed for the packet.
  • COE Release of Information 
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