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Housing and Residence Life

Student Affairs

Housing Tours FAQ

Q. Do I need to set up an appointment to get a tour?

A. No. Our tour program is open from 9:00am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday, and on university scheduled Saturday tours. Just come to our office and let us know you're here to see our halls. 


Q. What are the special Saturday tours?

A. We have certain Saturdays each semester that we will schedule our halls to be open to help accommodate those who cannot make it to tour our campus during the week. For these tours visitors go straight to the hall they would like to see, they do not stop off at our office. Signs will be posted to guide visitors to the show rooms for each building. Dates will be available on our homepage each semester once they have been set. 


Q. Are all the halls available to tour?

A. While not every hall is available, we do make every effort to make sure at least every style of hall is available to tour. The main exception being during the summer when some halls will undergo renovations and cannot be shown.


Q. Who will be giving me a tour?

A. Daytime Coverage (students employed by the department) give tours during the week. 


Q. Whose room will I see when I'm on tour?

A. Our tours are organized through a program called the Residential Showcase. Through this program students volunteer to be the show room for their building each week so that visitors can see how our residents organize and decorate their rooms.


Q. I know what room I will be in when I move in. Can I see my room?

A. Unfortunately we cannot allow tours in rooms that are not scheduled as tour rooms. These rooms could be occupied by other students so we wouldn't be able to show them. 


Q. Can I come after 4:30pm or schedule a tour for a weekend?

A. Specialty tours (tours not during regular hours) are taken on a case by case basis depending on hall and staff availability. 

Q. What do I do about parking?

A. We highly encourage prospective students and families to visit the Parking Services webpage to obtain a visitors parking pass. While there are open parking areas on campus, obtaining a parking pass will give you more flexibility for parking spaces. 

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