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Campus Projects and Actions

ETSU Sustainability

Click to view the ETSU Energy Conservation Plan!


Faculty, staff, and students can effectively prepare future generations to live and work productively in our world by modeling our behavior for others; in this case by a reduction in energy consumption. We believe that commitment to decreasing energy consumption helps to preserve our natural resources and still provide a safe comfortable environment for university functions.


light switchThe ETSU family is encouraged to be an "energy saver"  by taking the time to:

       - Turn off lights when leaving classrooms and dorm rooms

       - Lower thermostats when the room is unoccupied

       - Report leaking faucets

       - Turn off computers, printers, and peripherals

       - Turn off laboratory hoods when not in use


Download our Carbon Management Plan!


water coming out of faucet
ETSU is doing its part to conserve energy in

several ways, including:

- Installation of LED lights in various locations across campus. LED lights use a fraction of the energy of traditional lights and provide better lighting quality.

- Installation of motion sensors to turn off lights in unoccupied areas.

- Installation of an Energy Management System (Metasys) to control and monitor the majority of building systems on campus. This system monitors the HVAC and other critical systems in the building and allows Facilities to alter energy use to moderate extremes.

- Retrofitting of all lighting on campus from T-12 to T-8 fluorescent lighting or better.

- Installation of skylights to introduce natural light into buildings and reduce energy consumption.

- Installation of EPA Energy Star appliances.

- Removal of lights from vending machines and motion sensors to turn off machines during periods of non-use.






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