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Campus Projects and Actions

ETSU Sustainability

Hydration stations are available across campus. Refill a reusable water bottle to help reduce waste from plastic bottles and to save water, oil, and money. So far, hydration stations have saved 2,833,557 plastic water bottles on campus.

* View the complete list of campus hydration stations. *

  • Bottle production uses 17 million barrels of oil annually, plus the oil required for transportation
  • Single-use bottles take more water to produce than what is actually put into the bottle for drinking
  • You may spend as much as $550 per year on plastic bottles, and only $15-$30 for a reusable one
  • Billions of bottles are used. Only 16% are recycled. Most end up in the landfill or become litter which is swept into waterways
  • Bottles may contain Bisphenol A, a harmful chemical linked to hormonal issues and cancer

rain run off collection

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