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Why tutoring?

Tutoring can help improve your understanding of any subject by approaching it in new ways and from different perspectives. Our tutors are committed to helping you find the path to learning that is best for you. We offer individual, group, and online services to assist you in reaching your learning goals.

What services are offered?

We offer a variety of services to suit the learning needs of a diverse population. These include

individual tutoring - by appointment [Click to see current hours]

CFAA Tutoring Spring, 2015 Info - PDF flyer

CFAA Writing & Speaking Tutoring, Spring 2015 Info - PDF flyer

drop-in tutoring

online tutoring

What courses and subjects are supported?

We support students engaged in writing and mathematics in all disciplines through individual, by-appointment tutoring. Numerous general education, natural science, and "traditionally difficult" courses (those our students struggle with the most) are also supported through individual, by-appointment tutoring and drop-in, small group tutoring. Click here for this term's drop-in tutoring schedule. Go here to make an individual appointment.
Who are your tutors?

Our staff is made up of undergraduate, graduate, and professional tutors, as well as faculty volunteers, from a variety of majors and backgrounds. All of them participate in general tutoring training as well as ongoing professional development in their disciplines.






Drop-in/Group Tutoring Schedule:


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