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ETSU Testing Center

Center for Academic Achievement

Instructors' Responsibilities

Instructors' Responsibilities

By requesting our course test proctoring services, you are accepting that, as the instructor of a course being proctored in the CFAA, it is your responsibility to:

  1. Discourage cheating by using testing methods that satisfy accepted standards for test security, e.g. randomizing questions, question order, answer order, etc. Remind your students not to discuss the content of their completed tests with classmates, roommates, or anyone else associated with ETSU until after the end of the testing period.

  2. Complete and "Preview" all D2L assessments you have scheduled for CFAA proctoring at least three business days before your test is scheduled to open; make sure that you have followed all of the steps under "Required Security Settings in D2L" at the end of this document.

  3. Be reasonably accessible by phone and/or email for the two business days prior to, and for all of the days during, your scheduled testing periods. We must be able to notify you of any issues with your assessments that might require your immediate attention, or to arrange for make-ups, extensions, or rescheduling necessitated by campus closures or technical problems.

  4. Share the "Information for Students", which includes the test registration link, with your classes. Encourage students to register as early as possible for all of your CFAA-proctored course tests.

  5. Remind your students to bring their ETSU IDs to their testing appointments; students not showing ETSU IDs will not be seated.

  6. On your Test Request, tell us what materials are allowed for your test-takers on each assessment (e.g. calculators, books, notes, etc.), and remind your students to bring the appropriate materials to their testing appointments.

  7. Address incidents of suspected cheating or test disruption. CFAA staff will provide instructors with an Incident Report and copies of evidence collected for any instance of suspected cheating or disruptive behavior. Your policy for handling testing incidents in terms of further investigation and/or disciplinary action should be included on your course syllabus.

  8. Establish a clear policy for handling cases in which students manage their schedules poorly and are unable to take a test. Include this policy on your course syllabus.
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