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University Governance

East Tennessee State University

Advisory Committee on Undergraduate Degree Completion Systems and Advisement
 Reports to: Report jointly to Provost and Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies
 Charge: I. Promote actions that elevate practice for undergraduate degree completion
     A. Identify and build on current successes in undergraduate advisement.
     B. Evaluate the ETSU advising systems in terms of Next-Generation Advising (Advisory Board Company, 2012)
     C. Pursue appropriate strategies for "next generation advising" that emerged from an Education Advisory
         Board (EAB) study aimed at elevating practice for degree completion and career success,
     D. Coordinate and promote ETSU's securing maximum benefit from its participation as a member of
         the EAB Student Success Collaborative [administratively overseen by the Vice Provost for
         Undergraduate Education], including but not limited to the University's access to the web-based
         student graduation success monitoring system developed in collaboration with other founding
         member university participants in the Collaborative.
     E. Coordinate and promote the integration of systems and advisement initiatives the University is
         pursuing or may pursue to support the completion agenda—e.g.:
              1) Current Activities
                  a. Undergraduate Student Advisement
                  b. University Advisement Center
                  c. Academic Alert
                  d. Early Semester Progress Reports
                  e. End-of-Term Review (evaluating student progress)
                  f. Academic Advisement Council
                  g. Transfer Advisory Council
                  h. Tennessee Transfer Pathways
              2) New Initiatives
                  a. Degree Works
                  b. Degree Compass
                  c. EAB Collaborative
                  d. Reverse Transfer
                  e. Others to be identified

II. Promote actions that reduce obstacles to Undergraduate Degree Completion
      A. Respond to the immediate need to clarify program requirements in the Undergraduate Catalog and thereby
          assure compliance with SACS CS 3.5.3.
      B. Identify and address other systemic obstacles to graduation,
      C. which might include the following:
               1) Reviewing needlessly restrictive program requirements (e.g., requiring specific general education courses
                  for the major). Identify program requirements that academic units often waive or modify for individual
                  students, but that, on their face, appear to limit students' timely progress toward degrees.
               2) Improve availability of seats in "bottleneck" courses.
               3) Reduce the occurrence of problems that are discovered only after students apply to graduate.
               4) Proactively identify opportunities for enhancing communication, for identifying student perceptions
                   of obstacles, and for simplifying processes where possible.
               5) Propose a process for assessing the effectiveness of actions taken.

The Advisory Committee on Undergraduate Degree Completion Systems and Advisement will meet year-round on a regular basis between August 15 and May 15 with called meetings during summer... Deans will nominate faculty members to the Provost.
Reporting The Advisory Committee will provide two reports annually to the Academic Council—Fall, Spring. Reports will be due to the Provost on February 1 and June 1, with special reports provided as needed.
Status Membership Structure Name Length of
Voting Director of University Advisement

Ms. Teresa Williams,Chair

Admissions -- Undergraduate

Dustin Duncan,
Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions

Adult, Commuter, & Transfer Services Dr. Carla Warner
Director of Adult, Commuter, & Transfer Services
ETSU at Kingsport Ms. Lisa Elliott
Registrar's Office Billie Lancaster
Information Research Tech 2
Registrar's Office -- Graduation Jessica Miller
Assistant Registrar
Registrar's Office -- Veterans' Affairs Tony Banchs
Director of Veteran's Affairs
Registrar's Office -- Degree Works Evelyn Roach Indefinite
Transfer Articulation April Rainbolt Indefinite
Undergraduate Education Dr. Bill Kirkwood
Vice Provost
Enrollment Services Dr. Ramona Williams
Vice Provost
Director of Technical Services Ryan Seale
Director of Technical Services for Enrollment Services
Arts & Sciences Dr. Leslie MacAvoy
Philosophy and Humanities
Business & Technology Dr. Phillip Miller
Management & Marketing
Clinical & Rehabilitative Health Sciences Dr. Debbie Dotson
Allied Health Sciences
Continuing Studies and Academic Outreach Jerdan Swingle
Academic Advisor
Education Dr. Cecil Blankenship
Human Development & Learning
Nursing Dr. Patsy Pampkin
College of Nursing
Public Health Paula Masters
Assistant Dean for Student Services
University Advisement Center Polly Crowder
Academic Advisor
Academic Affairs, Professional Advisor Maegan Beale
Academic Advisor
Health Affairs, Professional Advisor Megan Roberts
Clinical & Rehabilitative Health Sciences
Academic Advisor
Student Government Association (2) TBD 2018
TBD 2018

Updated 25 September 2017

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