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University Governance

East Tennessee State University

International Advisory Council

International Advisory Council (IAC)

Actions of the International Advisory Council (IAC) become effective upon approval by the Provost or, as appropriate or required, upon approval by Academic Council, the President, or by TBR.  When appropriate, the Provost will bring information or reports of actions of the IAC to the attention of the other appropriate committees, councils, or senates.

Reports to:



The International Advisory Council is charged with:

Creating and proposing initiatives that are designed to enhance:

Integration of international content and opportunities for international experiences in academic degree programs;

Integration of international content into academic courses;

International opportunities and activities available to ETSU students, faculty, and staff;

Strategies for expanded recruitment and for admission of international students;

Expansion and maintenance of international partnerships.

Proposing university policies and procedures relating to academic programs, study abroad courses/programs, and other international activities of ETSU students, faculty, and staff.

Ensuring that ETSU procedures and policies addressing international activities are in compliance with applicable Tennessee Board of Regents policies and with practices recommended by U.S. agencies and other legal authorities with standing relevant to matters being considered.

Initiatives or projects developed shall be submitted for consideration by appropriate governance units or individuals.  Proposals and recommended actions of this Council are subject to review and approval by appropriate bodies as specified in the Universitys governance procedures.

The International Affairs Advisory Council will be responsible for membership and oversight for the following standing Committees:

Study Abroad Scholarship Committee

Current committee that reviews student applications and awards ETSU Study Abroad Scholarships.  Membership on this committee draws from faculty and professional staff with expertise in student advising, application reviews, and scholarship. The Council will receive and act on recommendations for changes in application, award criteria, and other guidelines forwarded by the Scholarship Committee.

Study Abroad Program Advisory Committee

Standing Committee tasked with development of guidelines, initial approval and on-going review of ETSU Study Abroad programs or courses, with emphasis on review of logistical and budgetary matters proposed.  Review of academic content of courses remains with the appropriate ETSU Curriculum Committee.  Faculty or staff members selected for this Committee should have significant interest in and/or previous experience with Study Abroad.

The Council will create other necessary standing committees, ad hoc committees, and/or working groups to address procedural needs not currently addressed or to investigate initiatives designed to enhance international education, research, and service opportunities at ETSU.  The Council may select members for any additional committees from ETSU students, faculty, and staff, as appropriate to the goals of each committee or ad hoc group.

The Council will report annually to the Academic Council regarding issues and assessment findings related to international education, research, and service activities.


It is recommended that each ETSU college/school and each unit identified below designate a standing representative to the Council who will also serve as a coordinator for international activities within their college or unit.  It is preferred that representatives have previous experience and/or committed interest in international teaching, research, and/or service.  The following units will be represented (total = 19): Colleges of Arts & Sciences; Business & Technology; Clinical & Rehabilitative Health Sciences; Education; Medicine, Nursing; Pharmacy; Public Health; Schools of Continuing Studies and Graduate Studies; Office of International Programs & Services (Director); Office of Research; Student Government Association; Graduate & Professional Student Association; International Student Organization; Council of Chairs; Faculty Senate; Staff Senate.  The Dean of the Honors College will serve as chair.

In addition, the offices of Student Affairs, Enrollment Management, Finance & Administration, and University Counsel will provide support and consultation, as needed (see Resources).

The length of terms will vary among units on the Council, especially for governance bodies with annually elected representatives and officers. Therefore, term lengths will be determined by each individual unit and their recommendations will be incorporated into this document.  It is recommended that, where possible, units identify a minimum of a three-year term.

The various committees reporting to the IAC may include faculty, students, or staff selected from the campus at large but who do not serve on the IAC.


When necessary and appropriate, the following personnel or their designee may be consulted:

Vice-Provost, Student Affairs [Joe Sherlin]

Vice-Provost, Enrollment Management [Ramona Williams]

University Counsel [Ed Kelly]

Vice-President, Finance & Administration [David Collins]

Libraries [as designated by Dean, Sherrod Library]


Provost to approve and identify source of funding for initiatives proposed by the Council.


Communication of initiatives and proposals during development with the Provost, deans, faculty members, and other appropriate groups is required.

Consideration of costs, possible revenue sources, and/or redirection of existing program resources should be included in development of all initiatives.

Review of courses for academic content should be directed to the appropriate review committee.  It is expected that initiatives involving curriculum and/or degree development will be developed in collaboration with appropriate units and governance bodies.

Attendance Policy:

The IAC meets, as necessary, on the first Tuesday of the month from 3:00 to 4:30 p.m.  Deans may serve or recommend a designee to represent their college as standing members of the IAC.  If a voting member misses three meetings (not necessarily consecutive) within one academic year, the Provost may request confirmation from the head of the members unit to confirm continuation.  A voting member who misses four meetings within the same academic year may be replaced by the Provost with consultation from the appropriate college, school or office.

Membership Structure

Area of Representation


Length of Term



College of Arts & Sciences

Ms. Paula Sarut

Indefinite; Dean Selection

College of Business & Technology

Dr. Karen Tarnoff

Indefinite; Dean Selection

College of Education

Dr. Arnold Nyarambi

Determined by Unit

College of Public Health

Dr. Megan Quinn

Indefinite; Dean Selection

College of Clinical and Rehabilitative Health Sciences

Dr. Brenda Louw

3 years;
Dean Selection

College of Medicine

Dr. Jackson Williams


College of Nursing

Dr. Sharon Loury

Indefinite; Dean Selection

College of Pharmacy

Dr. Emily Flores

Determined by Dean

Honors College

CHAIR, Dean, Honors College

Dr. Judy Slagle


Director, International Programs &  Services

Dr. Maria Costa


Study Abroad Coordinator

Ms. Patricia Lin-Steadman


School of Continuing Studies

Dr. Jill LeRoy-Frazier

3 years; Dean Selection

School of Graduate Studies

Dr. Dr. Karin Bartoszuk 
(Mr. David Moore, Alternate

Indefinite; Dean Selection

Office of  Research

Dr. Wendy Eckert

Indefinite; VProv Selection

Student Government Association

Denise Chavez-Reyes

Determined by Unit

Graduate & Professional Student Assoc.

Ruth Taylor Reed

Annual; repeatable

International Student Assoc.

Denise Chavez-Reyes

Determined by Unit

Staff Senate


Determined by Unit

Faculty Senate

Dr. Jacek Smurzynski

1 year, repeatable


(University Counsel)

Troy Perdue


Council of Chairs

Dr. Katherine Weiss

3 years; Chair Selection

Member at Large

Joanna Cyrier


Updated:  29 August 2016

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