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University School


Dear first grade families,

          Next week, we will begin “sharing” in first grade.  Sharing is a part of our Morning Meeting in which students share news and respond to each other by asking questions and making comments about shared news.  The practice of sharing helps us develop communication skills and get to know each another better.  It also encourages habits of inquiry and gives us a comfortable platform to practice public speaking skills. 

          In first grade, we sign up for a share day at the beginning of each month and send a calendar home.  Your student will have a turn each month to share something with the class during our Morning Meeting.   Your student is in charge of choosing news to share that is appropriate for the group.  Photos or small objects can accompany the news and photos can always be e-mailed to me for display on the smart board during the share. 

          Some examples of good sharing topics are…

          Pets (accompanied by a photo, collar, etc)

          Achievements (riding a bike, a new martial arts belt level, etc)

          Talents (sing, dance, play the ukulele, etc)

          Big news/ changes (new house, new car, new baby siblings, etc)

Really, any school appropriate topic is okay for sharing time.  Sometimes they are lighthearted and sometimes they are more serious.  This is a student directed activity.  A share should last 3 – 5 minutes with time at the end for the listeners to ask questions and make comments about the topic.  My intent is for sharing to be a fun and informal time and it should not involve any cost or prep beyond deciding on a topic to share about. 

          In the event that a student is absent or forgets about her share day, we will do our best to squeeze it in the next day or as soon as possible.  July share calendars will come home tomorrow in your child’s folder.  Please make note of your child’s scheduled Share Day for July.  I look forward to learning more about this new group of first grade friends!


Happy Thursday!


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