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2018 - 2019

INSTRUCTOR:  TIM ERWIN                                                                      COURSE - 1 Credit


PURPOSE OF CLASS: This course is divided into four parts. The first part is a nine-week concepts unit.

This unit will teach the usage of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, proper E-mail and Internet usage.

The other three parts of the course will provide introduction foundations in Web Page Design (the HTML 5.0 language),Computer Graphics (Adobe Photoshop CS3), and programming using the language LiveCode.

These three parts of the course are designed to provide the students with a chance to explore possible technology fields in which they might want to pursue in college.


EXPECTATIONS:  The expectations of the class include:

1. Students to complete all homework.

2. Students to complete all lab projects.

3. Students to have good attendance and make up any missed work due to excused absences.

4. Students to participate in class discussions.

5. Students should arrive to class prepared to work (this includes having a jump drive)


GRADING STYLE:  Grades are based on the following:

Your grade for this class will be based on your class participation / attendance,

lecture test scores, lab test scores, and lab project scores.

       Lecture / Lab Test and Quiz Scores     ============ points range from 20 to 100

       Lab Project Scores                   =================  points range from 10 to 25

       Class Participation / jump-drive   ================  points range from 5 to 25




 Technology Personal Computing Topics

I. Introduction to Computers

II. E-mail Essentials

III. Internet Search Engines

IV. Working with Word Processing using Microsoft Word

V. Working with Microsoft PowerPoint

VI. Working with Microsoft Excel


VII. Introduction to Web Page Designing (9 weeks)

a. HTML 5.0 Beginning Command Tags

b. HTML 5.0  Cascading Style Sheets

c. HTML 5.0  Table Tags

d. HTML 5.0 Form Tags


VIII.  Programming with LiveCode (9 weeks)

a. Five Steps to Problem Solving

b. Introduction to LiveCode Screen / Tools

c. Visual Step of a LiveCode Program

d. Coding Step of a LiveCode Program

e. Using the LiveCode Programming Language


IX. Introduction to Adobe Photoshop CS3 (9 weeks)

a. Introduction to screen / tools

b. Controlling text

c. Working with objects

d. Using Filters

e. Blending

f. Editing Pictures



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