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Want to become a Geologist or Geomorphologist and study physical nature, the history of the Earth, or landforms and climate? Or perhaps you are more interested in moving and shaking! Why not a Seismologist and study earthquakes or a volcanologist and spend your time learning about volcanoes? How about a Geospatial Analyst or Meteorologist and study the atmosphere and the relative position of objects on the Earth's surface? Maybe you're more interested becoming a Paleontologist and studying fossils! We have that too!



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This is an ETSU Geosciences coin that we released as part of the first Geocaching class !
Student Opportunities 

Careers in Geosciences

Geoscience Scholarships, Grants and Student Employment Opportunities
Penn Virginia Scholarships for Geology Majors

Penn Virginia-Westmoreland Summer Scholarship

Knoxville Gem and Mineral Society Academic Scholarship

Knoxville Gem and Mineral Society Field Camp

ETSU Faculty Student Collaborative Grants

Federal Work Study Program

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