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College of Arts & Sciences


Welcome to the

Department of Geosciences

at East Tennessee State University! 



Mission & Goals  


Produce high quality geoscience programs that are integrated with research projects in Appalachia and around the globe. Through our teaching, research, field work, lab, fossil site, and museum, we broaden horizons, create opportunities, and add knowledge to our understanding of Earth and its society through time.  


The goals of the Department of Geosciences are to:

  • enable our undergraduate majors to acquire and critically apply principles and knowledge of geography and geology, and to master the geospatial science tools necessary to pursue a successful professional career in the varied fields of geosciences;
  • foster faculty, undergraduate, and graduate scholarship in the wide variety of academic and applied disciplines within geosciences through a sustained program of short-term and long-term research projects;
  • contribute to the collective work of the department, the Gray Fossil Site and Natural History Museum, the college, and the university; share knowledge with the community, including industry and government agencies; and advance the work of the profession.  

 What  are Geoscientists and

what do we do?

Geoscientists are interested and dedicated to the study of the Earth, Earth systems and how global climate is changing. They study the structure, composition, and physical aspects of the Earth. Geoscientists, as paleontologists, want to learn about the Earth's geological past, ancient plants and animals, in order to understand why the dinosaurs and other animals became extinct.  They work to aid in searching for natural resources, such as groundwater, minerals, and petroleum. Many Geoscientists also work with environmental, agencies and other scientists, to determine how industrial refuse should be discarded and how society can conserve natural resources for future generations.

Geoscientists use their abilities and knowledge to understand Earth processes in order to improve the quality of human life. Their expertise and career paths vary as do the geosciences themselves. The major disciplines are geology, geography, hydrology, marine science, atmospheric science, planetary science, and soil science and each offers a wide variety of career choices!

Want to become a Geologists or Geomorphologists and study physical nature, the history of the Earth, or landforms and climate? Or perhaps you are more interested in moving and shaking! Why not a Seismologist and study earthquakes or a volcanologist and spend your time learning about volcanoes? How about a Geospatial Analyst or Meteorologist and study the atmosphere and the relative position of objects on the Earth's surface? Maybe you're more interested becoming a Paleontologist and studying fossils! We have that too!

Come see what we have to offer!!   


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Current Degrees
Minor in Paleontology

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This is an ETSU Geosciences coin that we released as part of the first Geocaching class !

Careers in Geosciences

Geoscience Scholarships, Grants and Student Employment Opportunities
Penn Virginia Scholarships for Geology Majors

Penn Virginia-Westmoreland Summer Scholarship

Knoxville Gem and Mineral Society Academic Scholarship

Knoxville Gem and Mineral Society Field Camp

ETSU Faculty Student Collaborative Grants

Federal Work Study Program

ejobs at ETSU
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