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Note from the Chair: Welcome to ETSU Department of Geosciences (GEOS)! 

We offer a diverse and varied program, while remaining focused on academic, research, and outreach oriented studies.  We are located at the heart of the southern Appalachian Mountains, a very ancient mountain mass once the size of the current Rocky Mountains; close to caves and streams, faults and gullies, and, the Appalachian Trail. Students have many opportunities to study Geosciences in the field.  In addition to local field trips, every year we offer a Field Experience class that travels to study the geography and geology of other regions. In recent years, we visited volcano in Hawaii, kayaked through a mangrove swamp in Puerto Rico, hiked the Grand Canyon, and collected 3-billion-year-old rocks in Canada!

The BS degree program brings together depth and breadth of Geosciences by offering four concentrations: Geography, Geology and Environment, Geospatial Science and Paleontology. Geospatial Science taught through all the concentrations, and students find employment in fields of geosciences, urban planning, public health, anthropology, engineering, or among a host of federal and state government agencies. The concentration Geology and Environment applies knowledge of geology in solving environmental problems from natural and human induced hazards. Graduates work in consulting industries, state geological surveys, and department of transportation, environment and conservation.  Graduates in paleontology often continue with advanced degrees in the profession.  The Master of Science in Geosciences degree program offers concentrations in Geospatial Science and Paleontology.  A Graduate Certificate Program in Geological Information Systems attracts regional professionals and students from various departments to obtain GIS skills.  Our students gain valuable research experience that applies academic knowledge and prepare them in professional career or graduate school.  Many students present research at professional conferences and several have published their research in scientific journals.

Please join us as we continue to grow!

Very best regards,  
Arpita Nandi, Associate Professor and Chair   

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