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College of Arts & Sciences

Research Interests



Dr. Eileen Ernenwein

Dr. Ernenwein's research focuses on:

near surface geophysics, archaeological geophysics and GIS for locating buried archaeological and geological features and understanding human spatial behavior. She has extensive experience with ground-penetrating radar, electromagnetic induction, magnetometry, and electrical resistance. She has conducted geophysical surveys and archaeological investigations in Jordan, Portugal, and Bolivia, China, Botswana, and throughout North America. She has conducted near-surface geophysical surveys in the Middle East, Europe, China, Africa, South America, and throughout North America.



Dr. Chris Gregg

Dr. Gregg's research focuses on:

physical volcanology, volcano hazard assessment, geological risk assessment and risk management, and early warning systems. He has worked with the University of Geneva, the University of Hawaii, Honolulu, and the Joint Centre for Disaster Research. 



Mr. David Jennings 

Mr. Jennings’s research interests are:

climate change, global dimming, & other human impacts on the environment, meteorological hazards (i.e., hurricanes and tornadoes). He teaches Cultural Geography, World Regional Geography, Earth Sciences: Weather & Climate, and many other courses at ETSU.



Dr. Andrew Joyner

Dr. Joyner's research focuses on:

Climatology, Cartography, Geohazards, GIS/Remote Sensing, Open Source Modeling/Mapping, Medical Geography, Spatial Epidemiology, Biogeography, Habitat Modeling, and Hazard Mitigation Planning. For more on Dr. Joyner's research CLICK HERE.



Dr. Ingrid Luffman

Dr. Luffman has four main areas of research:

Karst hydrology, watershed restoration, soil erosion, and medical geography. The common link between all four, an interest in the environment, watershed processes, and spatial analysis. To learn more about Dr. Luffman’s research CLICK HERE.



Dr. Arpita Nandi

Dr. Nandi's research involves:

landslide hazard mapping and mitigation using geospatial analysis, soil mechanics, physico-chemical behavior of soil, soil erosion studies, rock slope instability analysis, and weak rock geotechnical properties. For more on Dr. Nandi's research CLICK HERE.



Dr. Joshua Samuels

Dr. Joshua Samuel's reseach focuses on:

Vertebrate Paleontology, Evolution, Paleoecological Reconstructions, Ecomorphology, Morphometric Techniques.



Dr. Blaine Schubert

Dr. Blaine Schubert's research interests are:

the evolution and paleobiology of Neogene amphibians, reptiles and mammals. He also focuses on the impact of Late Cenozoic climatic change on terrestrial vertebrates. He is currently working on projects involving the paleobiology of short-faced bear and Neogene vertebrate paleoecology in the Southern Appalachians and Ozarks. Want to know more about Dr. Schubert's research, CLICK HERE.



Dr. Steven Wallace

Dr. Wallace's research focuses on:

Morphometrics, cladistics (systematics), and functional morphology. He is currently working with Fossil Red Pandas at the ETSU Gray Fossil Site and the excavation of a Pleistocene fossil deposit site in Saltville, Virginia. To learn more CLICK HERE.



Dr. Michael Whitelaw

Dr. Mick Whitelaw's research interests are:

in the areas of Stratigraphy, Geology, and the study of regional geology of East Tennessee. He teaches the Geologic Evolution of North America, Sedimentation and Stratigraphy, Structural Geology, and many other courses, that offer a hands-on approach to learning about geology.

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