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Office 365 Migration

East Tennessee State University


 Office 365 Training

Hello ETSU Community and Family,

My name is Barbara Knight Chamberlain, and I am your Academic Technology Services Specialist for all things Microsoft. Information Technology Services, in its ongoing effort to provide the best in digital communication, will be migrating from the standard Microsoft Office to  Microsoft 365.

(View the Information PowerPoint in OneDrive)

For the most part, you will see no difference in the Microsoft Office Applications. They will all remain on your ETSU computer; they will behave in the same way you are accustom. However, there are additional benefits in this migration.

  • We will have the full Office available to us here at ETSU and at home on up to 5 PCs or Macs and 5 mobile devices (including for iPad or Android).

  • We will be able to keep 50 gigabytes of email in our mailbox, I repeat 50 Gigabytes – that is an increase of 49 more gigabytes my friends...

  • We will still have our Q Drive BUT, also OneDrive space of 1 Terabyte of storage.

  • We can still create local email folders that will remain on our office computer, but email and folders can reside in the Secure Microsoft Cloud, eliminating the issues we have all experienced when needing some information from a stored message while away from ETSU.

  • A personal Outlook Account can reside side by side the Official ETSU Office Account when using Office 365. Users will find this helpful as we all receive both personal information as well as business information daily. Employees are encouraged not to use ETSU email or ETSU computers to store personal items -- it is easy to stay in one Outlook application and quickly address all daily communication, but keep personal and business communication and objects separated. Remember, documents and media stored on ETSU Servers are the property of ETSU

Stay tuned to this Web Site for instructions, information and tutorials. Watch for Microsoft Workshops on our Information Technology Services Training Page or do a search on ETSU's Planit Calendar.

Our goal is to provide the best in technology services and help get the most from Microsoft applications. I am available via email, Chat, Skype and telephone to assist you.

Barbara Knight Chamberlain - - Skype Knightbar - Chat - Phone 9-8615

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