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Appalachian Teaching Project

Center of Appalachian Studies & Services

Student Feed Back

"I would say that the neatest thing about his conference is the exchange of such a broad variety of focuses and ideas pertinent to the region. There are so many ways to help Appalachia and even more issues that need to be addressed than are possible to confront without such a widespread and grassroots effort. This not only is realized by seeing the work and presentations of other groups but is a catalyst for further projects and future ideas."

"It was very interesting to see how so many young people are taking interest in their communities and want to be a positive part in making change to benefit everyone now and in the future."

"It has been an honor to attend the conference and network with other individuals who are a part of the Appalachian Teaching Project."

"Having the opportunity to engage with other Appalachians, who know who they are, where they come from, and where they want to go big breath of fresh air!"

"Ive learned so much and I feel as though this conference helped me to appreciate the culture of Appalachia. There was definitely a sense of camaraderie among the groups. It was wonderful. Thank you!"

"I had a wonderful time with my own students- energizing sessions, and a feeling of were not in this alone."

"The wide range of issues definitely increased awareness. It is also exciting to see projects that have been in progress for a couple years compared to projects that have just begun and that are progressing."

"Ive learned so much from the other students and presentations. Being my first time, I was happy to see how warm everyone was and how comfortable I felt presenting."

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