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Appalachian Teaching Project

Center of Appalachian Studies & Services

Union College

Union College

The Union College Appalachian Teaching Project worked with two community partners, Knox Arts, Crafts, and Humanities Council and Knox County Chamber of Commerce, to address the issue of out-migration and how natural and cultural assets and local business infrastructure can work hand-in-hand to help address the problem through special programs and business opportunities.  The project was based on the realization that one of the greatest needs of the community was to determine what businesses and organizations could proper there and help retain its citizens. To provide vital data to meet this need, Union College students assisted the community partners in identifying the natural, cultural, and entrepreneurial assets of the community. Students implemented both a Cultural Assets Inventory, which was developed by the students, community partners, and the Kentucky Arts Council (KAC); and an Entrepreneurial Assets Inventory, which was developed by students, community partners, and The Center for Rural Entrepreneurship (CRE). Students also engaged in ongoing service through partnerships with the community agencies as an integral part of the course. Using the data gathered in the inventories, students and community partners, with assistance from KAC and CRE, developed an asset map for the community. The findings from the project will provide valuable data for future planning by the community partners.


2018 Final Report



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