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Appalachian Teaching Project

Center of Appalachian Studies & Services

University of Tennessee

University of Tennessee, Knoxville

University of Tennessee students worked with several community partners, including Pickett CCC Memorial State Park, Friends of Pickett CCC Memorial Park, Cumberland Astronomical Society, and Knoxville Astronomers, to develop a plan for the dark skies observing field at Pickett CCC Memorial State Park. The project was intended to help the park better engage community members in dark skies activities and to develop programming related to the night sky resources. Students conducted research at the park and consulted with the park staff, stakeholders, and the astronomical. The students conducted a detailed assessment of the observing field site and created a plan for site improvements. The plan addressed such areas such as light controls, event planning, event management, land acquisition policies, and environmental impacts. The plan also included design recommendations and policy recommendations for the site and the concept for a new weekend-long dark skies event. Students condensed their findings into a brief and basic guide, which explains the steps and requirements necessary for developing observing sites and events.  The guide will be made available to other communities interested in developing dark skies resources.

2018 ATP Proposal

UT's Live Presentation in Washington, DC

2018 Final Report 


Contact Information:

Tim Ezzell, Ph.D.
Research Scientist
Department of Political Science
University of Tennessee
UT Conference Center, Suite 311
Knoxville, TN 37996-4134
Telephone: (865) 974-9036


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