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Appalachian Teaching Project

Center of Appalachian Studies & Services

Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech: Creating Cultural Capital through Assessing
Prices Fork Elementary Community Impact (2009)
(Did not participate in 2010)

In addition to educating elementary school-age children, the Prices Fork Elementary School in northwest Montgomery County, Virginia, has been functioning as a community center for the Prices Fork community for about 50 years. It will be replaced in 2011 by a new school that will expand the service area to include non-Prices Fork students. This ATP project was one piece of a larger effort to document the various contributions of the old school to creating and sustaining community and to develop it into a viable community center for various local activities and functions. Results of this project will be displayed or archived at the new school as well as being archived as part of a museum collection at the old school, should it be restructured as a community center.

Final Report

Student Participants: Kyle Barthelson, Colleen Doyle, Meghan Follo, Jaclyn Grysko, Brian Hanlon, Kelly Lee, Kellsey Lequick, Anne Silveira, Amanda Spicer

Faculty: Anita Puckett
Guest: Debra Stoudt

Contact Information:
Anita Puckett, Ph.D.
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
133 Lane Hall
Blacksburg, VA 24061
Telephone: 540-231-9526

Previous Conference Participation:  2009

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