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Creative Writing Minor

Department of Literature and Language


Spring 2018

ENGL 3010-001 Poetry


Prerequisite(s): A grade of C or above in ENGL 1020; or equivalent. This course is a study of poetry as a genre with attention to its form and techniques. Reading and analysis of poems written by acknowledged masters of the genre will be included. Required texts: The Norton Introduction to Poetry, 9th Edition, edited by Hunter, Booth, and Mays. Collected Poems, Sylvia Plath.

ENGL 3030-001 Drama


Prerequisite(s): A grade of C or above in ENGL 1020; or equivalent. The most prolific playwright of the western world, William Shakespeare, left his legacy on nearly all drama since the Elizabethan age. One of Shakespeare’s most quoted monologues begins as follows:

All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women merely players

These lines from As You Like It and the line “The play is the thing” from his tragedy Hamlet reveal a preoccupation with playacting both on and off stage. Shakespeare’s observations will form the theme of this class. Works for the western stage have tinkered with the idea that we are all actors in the comedy or tragedy we call life. Join me in exploring the questions that Shakespeare and playwrights since have posed in regards to our “role” on this “stage.” We will attend ETSU’s productions of The Flick (Feb. 16- 19) and Mr. Burns (April 18-22).

ENGL 3142-001 Creative Writing I: Fiction


Prerequisites: ENGL 1020 or equivalent; and one 2000-level literature course. Students will read
contemporary short fiction from a range of cultures and traditions, and have an opportunity to write
and submit new work of their own. Special emphasis will be given to issues of form and technique in the
short story. We will begin the semester by examining some of the finest published stories around, and
then shift our attention to exploring outstanding student fiction submitted for workshop. Although we
will dedicate a significant portion of the semester to student writing, you should come prepared to read
and write critically (as well as creatively) on a weekly basis. Required Texts: The Ecco Anthology of
Contemporary American Short Fiction, ed. Joyce Carol Oates, 2008 [ISBN-13: 978-0061661587]; The
Making of a Story: A Norton Guide to Creative Writing, Reprint edition, ed. Alice LaPlante, 2010 [ISBN-
13: 978-0393337082]

ENGL 4020-001 British Poetry


The theme for this section of British poetry will be “Britain De-Centered: Region and Nation in Postwar
British Poetry.” We will begin by examining the dominant, Anglo-centric mode in postwar British poetry,
locating its roots in the “Movement” poets of the 1950s and Robert Conquest’s influential New Lines
anthology. We will also explore divergent, countercultural, and experimental movements that emerged
around the same time. We will then move to the so-called peripheries and fringes of the poetic
landscape, where regionalisms and nationalisms in the British Midlands, Wales, Scotland, and Northern
Ireland complicate and challenge the “English” mode and its depictions of British-ness. Emphasizing a
de-centered, postcolonial Britain, we will pay close attention to the voices of poets who have historically
been pushed to the margins of literary narratives. For more information, contact Dr. Daniel Westover,
Required Textbooks:
Anthology of Twentieth Century British and Irish Poetry, ed. Keith Tuma (Oxford, 2001).
ISBN: 978-0195128949
Poetry: 1900–2000 (Library of Wales), ed. Meic Stephens (Parthian, 2007).
ISBN: 978-1902638881
The Penguin Book of Scottish Verse, eds. Robert Crawford and Mick Imlah (Penguin, 2007).
ISBN: 978-0140424669

ENGL 4917-201 Creative Writing 2 - Poetry


Prerequisite(s): A grade of C or above in ENGL 1020; or equivalent. This course is a creative writing
workshop which requires students to submit one poem per week on topics and ideas designed by the
student or assigned by professor. Specific poetic forms may be required. Poems will be offered rigorous
criticism both by classmates and by the instructor. Regular reading assignments from required texts will
be discussed in class. The final assignment for the workshop will be an in-class reading from a portfolio
the student has created over the course of the semester.

ENGL 4930-001 Creative Writing Capstone


Prerequisites: ENGL 3141 and ENGL 3142. This capstone course in creative writing allows juniors and
seniors in the Creative Writing minor to gain valuable professional knowledge and experience. This is a
cross-genre class focusing on poetry and fiction; work in drama, screenwriting and creative nonfiction is
also welcome. Coursework will go beyond traditional workshop curriculum to focus on publishing, copy
editing, memorization and performance, as well as guided instruction in developing professional
materials necessary for the creative job market. A key project in the class will be the development of an
edited, cohesive portfolio of each student’s best work. Feel free to contact Dr. Mark Baumgartner
( if you would like more information about the course. Required texts: The
Creative Writer’s Survival Guide, by John McNally [ISBN-13: 978-1587299209]; The Poet’s Companion, by
Kim Addonizio and Dorianne Laux [ISBN-13: 978-0393316544]; The Best American Poetry 2017, eds.
David Lehman and Natasha Trethewey [ISBN-13: 978-1501127755]; The Best American Short Stories
2017, eds. Heidi Pitlor and Meg Wolitzer [ISBN-13: 978-0544582903]





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